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You could get fined £5k for not wearing sunglasses while driving

DRIVERS could be hit with a £5,000 fine for failing to wear sunglasses on bright days in case they are dazzled by the sun.

As temperatures are set to hit 32C in some parts of the country this weekend, make sure you’re following the rules on driving in a heatwave.

Make sure you're prepared for hot weather and sunshine this weekend


Make sure you’re prepared for hot weather and sunshine this weekendCredit: Getty

The Highway Code says drivers should “slow down and if necessary, stop” if they become dazzled by bright sunlight.

If a motorist chooses not to wear sunglasses, and breaks the Highway Code by not pulling over when dazzled by sunlight, the police could charge them with careless driving.

Driving without due care and attention carries a £100 on-the-spot fine.

You could also be hit with up to three penalty points on your licence.

If you decided to contest the charge in court and were convicted, you could face an unlimited fine, up to nine penalty points and even a court-imposed driving ban.

However, for the majority of motorists, the fine won’t exceed £5,000.

There’s also a penalty for wearing sunglasses that are too dark as they could also obscure your vision.

According to the AA, it’s illegal to wear the most heavily tinted sunglasses at any time while driving.

The AA said you should “be aware that your everyday sunglasses might not be suitable for driving”.

It’s also a good idea to keep a spare pair of sunglasses in your car so you’re never caught short.

The risk of dazzling sunlight isn’t the only thing to be aware of when driving in a heatwave.

In hot weather you should also keep your vehicle well ventilated to avoid drowsiness.

You should also be aware that the road surface could become soft, or if the dry spell is followed by rain it may become slippery.

You could also face a £5,000 fine if you take off extra layers while driving.

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