Yasmeen Nazir threatened with chilling warning by gangster Hashim


CORONATION Street’s Yasmeen Nazir will have her life threatened by Zeedan’s father in law Hashim next week.

The Nazirs’ family restaurant will be burned down in a suspected insurance scam after Hashim’s blackmail of Zeedan is exposed with terrifying results.

Yasmeen is threatened by Hashim next week


Yasmeen is threatened by Hashim next week
Zeedan takes drastic action next week in Coronation Street


Zeedan takes drastic action next week in Coronation StreetCredit: ITV

Next week Zeedan will find himself opening up to Ryan Connor about Hashim’s threats after the barman discovers a bag of dodgy cash and confronts him.

And when Ryan quickly tells Alya everything, Zeedan’s terrified.

Alya thinks she can solve everything by confronting Hashim but she’s soon out of her depth.

Things further spiral when Elaine decides to sell her share of the business – with Zeedan determined to buy it.

He redoubles his efforts with the food truck to launder more of Hashim’s dirty money.

With Debbie Webster playing dirty tricks and stealing their food van – Zeedan is caught in a terrifying situation unable to report it stolen because of the dodgy cash inside it.

And when Hashim threatens him – telling him to burn down the restaurant or he will burn down Yasmeen’s house – Zeedan’s stuck.

But as the restaurant is engulfed in flames, Zeedan’s horrified to discover that someone is inside. 

Did he go through with Hashim’s demands or is someone else responsible? 

Alya tears a strip off Zeedan, telling him she’ll never forgive him for the carnage caused. 

Actor Qasim Akhtar revealed Zeedan has flashbacks to his own dad Kal’s death in a fire when the inferno takes hold.

He said: “It isn’t until afterwards that the thought of his dad hits him. 

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“When it happens and he realises someone is inside the building, he doesn’t have time to think about anything other than trying to save them. 

“He realises that if someone dies then it is a completely different ball game for him, he would be the suspect in a murder inquiry.”

And he teased the fire will bring his estranged wife to the cobbles.

Qasim added: “Wll the fire is certainly not the end of it, in some ways it is only the beginning and, as a consequence of the fire, Zeedan’s ex wife Marrium arrives in Weatherfield. 

“It is interesting to meet her as he made some terrible mistakes in the marriage and cheated on her but it quickly becomes evident that he still loves her so we will see a different side to Zeedan. 

“He was so hurt in his first marriage and for some reason he then did the same thing to his second wife as Rana did to him so it is great to meet her and learn more about that dynamic. 

“I am intrigued to see where the story is going to go, lots more twists and turns along the way.”

Alya is horrified by the truth


Alya is horrified by the truthCredit: ITV

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