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Woman busts man calling her fat on a flight as he texts his girlfriend she’s so big ‘the plane might not take off’

A WOMAN was left horrified after she busted the man next to her on a flight calling her “fat.”

TikTok user Landen Ewing shared a video of her experience on a flight back home from Nashville when she caught her fellow passenger messaging his girlfriend about her.

Landen Ewing was left baffled when a fellow plane passenger described her as a "fat ass"


Landen Ewing was left baffled when a fellow plane passenger described her as a “fat ass”Credit: TikTok/ Landen Ewing

Speaking in her video, the slim blonde said: “About a month ago I was coming back from Nashville and I was sitting on the plane and this guy sits next to me and it’s just me and him in the row.

“He has his phone out, way out in front of him where I can see it. 

“Anyway I’m sitting next to him and I’m reading his texts with his girlfriend and she’s asking him how the flight’s going, you know, just casual conversation like that.

“He says ‘too small with this fat ass’ next to me, and she says ‘hahaha tell her about Keto.’”

She caught the bloke messaging his girlfriend about her


She caught the bloke messaging his girlfriend about herCredit: TikTok/ Landen Ewing

Landen then shares a photo she snapped of the bloke’s phone, where his unsavoury message can be seen.

She adds: “He continued to type out ‘I’ll be alright don’t think we’ll make it off the ground.’

“He continued to talk about how awful it was and how he hates being on small flights with fat people.

“So if you’re his wife or girlfriend and you see this, your boyfriend sucks!”

Landen’s video has since gone viral receiving over a million views with viewers left baffled at the man’s comments over her tiny frame and many convinced he was trying to throw his girlfriend off the scent.

Viewers were baffled after seeing Landen's tiny frame


Viewers were baffled after seeing Landen’s tiny frameCredit: TikTok/ Landen Ewing

Commenting on the video, one wrote: “He totally thought you were hot and didn’t want his girlfriend to know he was sitting next to someone so attractive.”

“Sounds like he’s been in trouble with his GF before… sorry you had to read that,” added another.

A third agreed: “No sis he thought you were beautiful and his girlfriend is so insecure that she doesn’t trust him.”

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