Who was Roy Halston Frowick’s boyfriend Victor Hugo?


FASHION designer Roy Halston Frowick – better known as Halston – is being honoured in a new Netflix mini-series, dramatising his life.

Here’s everything we know about his on-off boyfriend Hugo Victor, played by Gian Franco Rodriguez in the TV show.


Victor Hugo standing behind Halston


Victor Hugo standing behind HalstonCredit: Getty

Who was Roy Halston Frowick’s boyfriend Victor Hugo?

Hugo, born in 1942, was an artist and window dresser.

Initially from Venezuela, Hugo went on to make a career for himself in America.

He became one of Andy Warhol’s assistants at The Factory – his New York studio.

Hugo was heavily influenced by the American artist and is believed to have been the first window dresser to have introduced Pop art – the artistic movement Warhol was renowned for – into his designs.

The artist met Halston in 1972 and the two began an on-off relationship – lasting for around a decade – with Hugo living in the fashion designer’s home.

According to Vanity Fair, Peruchio Valls – one of Halston’s assistants – once said: “The person that Halston loved, more than his own life, was Victor.”

It is believed Halston had an affair with fellow fashion designer and married man Luiz Estevez during that time.

Gian Franco Rodriguez plays Victor Hugo in the new Netflix series


Gian Franco Rodriguez plays Victor Hugo in the new Netflix seriesCredit: Splash

What happened to Victor Hugo?

Hugo died in 1993, aged 51.

His cause of death is not clear.

Hugo’s death came only three years after Halston’s, who died in 1990, aged 57.

Halston had tested positive for HIV two years before, a time when the disease was relatively new and the epidemic was gripping the US.

There isn’t much information regarding Hugo’s career after the couple separated in the early 1980s.

Warhol – his old boss – died in 1987, aged 58.

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