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Who is the Dragon on The Masked Singer?

COLOURFUL Dragon has brought the fire to The Masked Singer UK this season, but could not go all the way.

The hit ITV show had everyone guessing who may be hiding behind the wacky mask and she was finally unmasked in the semi-final.

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Dragon is a contestant on The Masked Singer UK 2021


Dragon is a contestant on The Masked Singer UK 2021Credit: ITV

Who is the Dragon on The Masked Singer?

The signs were all there for the judges, studio audience and viewers at as ITV described the Dragon as: “a cutie but, when they open their mouth to sing, can they bring the fire?”

And in Dragon’s opening VT, they said they “just want to be loved,” so the rainbow bellied creature left fans thinking the celebrity may be member or supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

Also describing themselves as “cute but sometimes having a fiery temper,” the Dragon was shown knocking over a dolls’ house, before finding wads of cash and walking near a castle.

Dragon said they had “two left feet” and wanted to “conduct” themselves better, though they also mentioned they “weren’t usually seen as a big character”.

Dragon performed the classic Toy Story track You've Got A Friend In Me from Pixar film Toy Story


Dragon performed the classic Toy Story track You’ve Got A Friend In Me from Pixar film Toy StoryCredit: ITV

But the Dragon could not go all the way, and was unmasked as British comedian Sue Perkins.

There had been a variety of guesses from the judges, as Rita Ora guessed American actor Jesse Taylor Ferguson, Mo Gilligan thought it could have been ex footballer Dion Dublin, and Davina McCall guessed Sandi Toksvig.

Jonathan Ross even threw TV presenter Kevin McCloud into the ring.

Since week one the Dragon has dropped hints such as meeting a boyfriend on stage and revealing “I like to gas”.

They also dropped a clue by saying “food glorious food” and that they had a “voracious” appetite – hinting towards Sue’s involvement on Supersize Me.

There was also a Games of Thrones reference in a nod to the comedian’s podcast around the hit TV show.

Meanwhile, the rainbow coloured stomach on the Dragon was compared to the LGBTQ+ flag with Sue being a lesbian and has been dating Naked Attraction presenter Anna Richardson since 2014.

Other guesses for Dragon had included Miranda Hart, Julian Clary, Carol Vorderman, Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny Ryan, Oprah Winfrey, Donna Air, and Melanie Sykes as potential candidates.

Sue Perkins was unveiled as Sue Perkins


Sue Perkins was unveiled as Sue PerkinsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

What were the fan theories?

Many Masked Singer fans were rightly convinced that former Bake Off host Sue Perkins was behind The Dragon.

With references to The Rainbow List, clues connected to her Supersizers Eat show, and an identical singing voice to hers, they were convinced that she was the mystical creature – all guessing correctly of course.

One viewer said on Twitter: “Definitely Dragon is Sue Perkins. In Supersizers she ate ducks’ tongues and udders.

“It explains the reference to her big belly. She’s on The Independent’s rainbow list. Bake Off timer. Celeb Big Brother (house with money). QI etc.”

Another fan posted: “The panel on The Masked Singer are slow. Dragon is clearly Sue Perkins … known for weeks!”

A third said: “She’s a big fan of game of thrones. A member of the rainbow list.

“Used to eat weird stuff on her supersize programmes with Giles she cant turn down a dare etc. There’s loads. Its 100% her.”

Aside from Sue, another name that had commonly cropped up was Australian drag queen Courtney Act.

Some were convinced Dragon was Aussie drag queen Courtney Act


Some were convinced Dragon was Aussie drag queen Courtney ActCredit: Death Drop
Other fan guesses included Ian 'H' Watkins from Steps


Other fan guesses included Ian ‘H’ Watkins from StepsCredit: Rex Features

Many thought that the clue was literally in the name Dragon, which made them lean towards Courtney. 

And another clue was that they once suffered an embarrassing incident with a shoe.

This hinting at the time the Aussie trod on her dress while wearing famous shoe brand Louboutin and flashed the audience as they entered the Big Brother house in 2018.

Fans predictions also include Steps band member Ian “H” Watkins.

One tweeted: “Rainbow front, LBGT links and Welsh links with dragon and castle… It’s H from steps for sure.”

Other guesses included Michelle Visage, Aled Jones and Rosie O’Donnell.

But some viewers believe the singer to be comedian Susan Calman after she was forced to address rumours during an interview with Lorraine Kelly.

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