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Who is Changing Rooms host Jordan Culroe?

CHANNEL 4 is bringing back Changing Rooms after 17 years off the air.

The show, which aired on the BBC from 1996-2004, sees homeowners in the same area renovate each others’ homes, sometimes with disastrous results.

Jordan Cluroe headed to Swansea for the first episode of the reboot


Jordan Cluroe headed to Swansea for the first episode of the reboot

Who is Changing Rooms host Jordan Cluroe?

The reboot will be presented by Naked Attraction presenter Anna Richardson and returning star Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who first fronted the show back in 2003.

They’ll be joined by a new team of young designers who’ll be bringing the visions of the show’s contestants to life.

Although it will be Jordan and Russell’s expertise that helps bring the ideas to life, the contestants have full creative control over each other’s homes.

Jordan Cluroe, along with his partner Russell Whitehead, run 2LG Studio, an interior design studio which specialises in styling residential and commercial spaces.

The duo are also regulars in the Metro paper, where they act as so-called ‘house doctors’.

Who is Jordan Cluroe dating?

Jordan and Russell aren’t just business partners – they’re also married.

The couple first met whilst they were both working as actors in London, before moving into the world of interior design as a couple.

On their website, the pair reveal that their design company, 2LG, is named after the end of the first postcode they ever shared, which they, in turn, nicknamed “Two Lovely Gays”.

The design team got their first big break when Russell’s father bought a hotel, and offered 2LG the chance to do the interior decorating.

What else has Jordan Cluroe been in?

Fans of home decorating shows might remember Jordan from BBC Two’s Great Interior Design Challenge in 2014.

His appearance was a success, and he made it all the way to the final.

More importantly, Jordan says, his TV stint helped raise the profile of 2LG, which quickly became known nationwide for its’ quirky designs and liberal use of colour.

Jordan Cluroe both lives and works with husband Russell


Jordan Cluroe both lives and works with husband Russell

All this no doubt makes 2LG the perfect company to take on Changing Rooms, which became infamous during its’ original run for outlandish and often strange design choices.

The Changing Rooms reboot begins at 9pm on August 18, 2021 on Channel 4.

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