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Which Take Me Out couples have stayed together? The pairs who lasted after meeting on Paddy McGuinness’s dating show

TAKE Me Out is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

The show has brought us many memorable moments over the years – but which couples have never lived to regret leaving that light on? Here’s the lowdown on some of the contestants who’ve stayed together.

 Paddy McGuinness is hosting two specials of Take Me Out


Paddy McGuinness is hosting two specials of Take Me OutCredit: TalkBack

Which Take Me Out couples have stayed together?

Beckie Finch and Adam Ryan

Adam, now 33, had already given The Only Way Is Essex a go before he moved on to another ITV show.

Although him and hairdresser Beckie appeared on the show together they did not actually leave for Fernando’s.

Instead the duo saw other people and only went on their first date after getting chatting on Facebook.

But it has been a fairytale since then with the couple now married and parents to their first child, Indigo.

 Lindsay McCartney and Andrew Shaw


Lindsay McCartney and Andrew Shaw

Lindsay McCartney and Andrew Shaw

Another example of a couple who did not leave the show together, with Andrew leaving Lindsay’s light on in an episode way back in series two.

But after a failed trip to Fernando’s with another contestant, Andrew reached out to Lindsay and the rest, as they say, is history.

Andrew proposed one Christmas Eve, popping the question while staying with Lindsay and her family at the villa they own in Destin, Florida.

During a romantic walk on Rosemary Beach he wrote the words ‘Will you marry me?’ in the sand.

But his gesture almost went pear-shaped when Lindsay struggled to read his message.

She said: “My eyesight is dreadful and I couldn’t see what it said, and that’s when he got down on one knee. I was so surprised.

The pair tied the knot in September 2013 and are now happily married and living in Australia.

 Kerry Senior on her wedding day


Kerry Senior on her wedding dayCredit: Facebook

Greig Senior and Kerry Beacom

Yet another case of a couple who failed to end up with each other on the show before realising their true feelings later on.

After meeting at the wrap party for series three Kerry, from Belfast, was instantly smitten with Greg, a car salesman from Norwich.

It was a lucky break for Kerry as Greig did actually head off to Fernando’s with another woman.

They got engaged at Christmas 2013 and welcomed a son, Archie, in 2018 and a daughter, Della, in September 2019.

They’re also parents to three boisterous dogs, too.

 Gemma Gordon and Gavin Ellis


Gemma Gordon and Gavin EllisCredit: Matthew Pover – The Sun


Credit: Instagram


Gemma Gordon and Gavin Ellis

These two met on the seventh series of Take Me Out and have since married and had their first child.

Discussing their relationship, Gemma said of her husband: “I never expected to find the love of my life on the show.

“I just wanted to do something totally different. But meeting Gavin has been brilliant.”

And the Take Me Out success wasn’t enough for Gavin as he later appeared on The Voice too.

Sadly, it was a case of “no likey, no lighty” in the final round of blind auditions.

Stuart Smith and Robyn Utton

Stuart and Robyn were paired together on an episode in series five in 2013.

It really was love at first light for the pair and it has been a dream romance ever since for Stuart and Robyn.

She moved from Essex to live with Stuart in Somerset and, like many Take Me Out couples, he got down on one knee on Christmas Day.

The pair married at Orchardleigh House, a country estate in Somerset, in April 2017.

Writing about the day Robyn said: “So this happened yesterday! I married my best friend and had the best day ever!

“Thank you to everyone for making it so special!”

They welcomed a son, Dylan, in March 2019.


Dawn Edwards and Dan Nash

Dan and Dawn got together on one of the show’s earliest episodes back in 2010 and are now married with a baby.

Air hostess Dawn left her light on for Dan after he treated the ladies to a performance of Sunshine Of Your Love on his electric guitar.

Dan said it was love at first sight. He told The Sun: “For me the spark was instant. I thought Dawn looked lovely and when she was interviewed she said she was really close to her family which I liked.”

He added: “We chatted easily once the cameras were off and we were able to go out for a meal. I knew I just had to kiss her. It was amazing and it was obvious we were desperate to see each other again once we got back.”



Credit: Supplied


Credit: Supplied


Adele Vellacott and Dave Cobain

Dave and Adele met on series two in 2011 and were the first Take Me Out couple get married.

Although they both went on dates with different people while on the show, they later got in touch with one another after things didn’t work out.

They now live in Bristol with their kids, Freddie and Elsie, although it took them a while to move in together.

Adele explained: “We became official in June 2011, but I wouldn’t let Dave move in for a long time really. I was six months pregnant with our son Freddie when he did.

“Freddie was born on June 9, 2013, and Dave and I married the following year at a country manor in Monmouthshire, Wales, where I’m from.

“Our daughter Elsie came along on five years later.”

Shortly before welcoming her daughter, Adele came fourth in Britain in one body fitness competition.

The couple has also gone on to appear in more reality TV shows such as  Couples Come Dine With Me.




When is Take Me Out: 10th Anniversary Special on ITV?

The special show will air on Saturday, February 24, 2018, on ITV at 6pm.

Paddy McGuinness will present a special edition of the matchmaking show.

In a spin on the usual format, 30 of Paddy’s favourite men who have previously appeared on the show will be given the chance to throw their hat in the ring for a date with a selection of female celebrities in the “love lift”.

Chloe Simms gets chatted up on Special 10th anniversary of Take Me Out



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