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When is the sale and what are the deals?

NEXT shoppers may be wondering when the next sale bonanza is taking place at the retailer.

The fashion and homeware store chain typically holds four seasonal sales each year, with prices usually slashed by 50%.

Next typically slashes prices each year in seasonal sales


Next typically slashes prices each year in seasonal salesCredit: Getty

The pandemic has disrupted in-store sales in the past year, but non-essential retailers are now back open following Covid lockdown.

We explain what we know so far about Next’s summer sale and what kind of deals to expect.

When is the sale?

Next has so far remained tight-lipped about this summer’s sale date.

However, a shopper in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook claims it’ll start on July 10.

The post has racked up comments from more than 2.1k Facebook users and over 1.8k likes.

How to make the most of the Next sale

THESE tips from a Next employee can help you make sure you bag the best bargains this weekend.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the stock – check in store and online to see what items you might fancy, that means you’ll be able to act fast once prices start dropping. Online you can even bookmark your favourites.
  2. Check online – often the sale launches online before stores open so go digital to get the best bargains.
  3. Consider the VIP scheme  – If you have a credit account you can get access to the sale 24 hours before the rgeneral public.
  4. Choose the right store – smaller outlets are likely to be less rammed, so you may have less competition for great deals
  5. Shop late in the day  – around two hours before closing, staff start replenishing stock for the next day, this is a great time to hit the stores.
  6. Look at ticket codes – if you’re in a next keep an eye out for black dots on tickets, chances are that means an item is going to be discounted, so you’re better off waiting till the price drops.
  7. Homeware and women’s clothing sells fastest  – so you might want to get to stores first thing for these items


The shopper said it was originally scheduled for July 3, but was later changed to July 10.

Meanwhile, another user said the sale is set to take place at the end of June.

Next hasn’t yet confirmed either of this yet, so we’ll update this article once we hear back.

The retailer launched the last sale at the end of March to make room for new summer stock.

Is the sale online and in stores, plus what deals will be available?

The sale is usually available in both stores as well as online.

However, Next hasn’t yet confirmed this either so we’ll update this article once we get more information.

You can find your nearest Next shop by using its store locator tool.

The sales typically offer savings of at least 50%, but some discounts have been as high as 70% previously.

Shoppers can usually expect to find deals across categories such as fashion, home and furniture.

Items have previously ranged from dress, shoes, suits and shirts to large furnishings and home accessories.

How can I get a Next VIP sales slot?

VIP slots, which give you access to the sale earlier than others, are offered to customers who have a Next flexible credit card.

There’s a list of stringent criteria to get a slot.

To be selected, customers must typically:

  • Have a Next flexible credit account with at least £250 credit available
  • Have placed and kept an order from the Next Directory within the last year
  • Have an up to date email address registered with Next, and be registered to receive sale and promotional emails
  • Have received a copy of the Next Directory
  • Have returned less than two thirds of the items they’ve ordered

Time slots are restricted to one slot per customer but you can update your slot at any time.

All slots are allocated on a first come, first served basis and the number of slots are limited.

Users advise getting the first slot you’re offered as you’re likely to get better deals.

Even if you haven’t had an email yet telling you to book your slot, it’s worth logging into your account on a computer as some customers are saying you can get access to slot booking anyway.

Think carefully before taking out any store card though.

The interest rates can be very high, so you want to make sure you can pay them off in full each month.

Otherwise the amount you pay in interest will wipe out the savings you make in the sale.

In other shopping news, B&Q recently slashed the price of Lay-Z Spa inflatable hot tubs by £115.

Meanwhile, Ikea is launching a massive sale with up to 50% off furniture and more next week.

It has also launched its own “buy now, pay later” scheme letting shoppers spread the cost of buying new furniture without paying interest.

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