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What is Twitter Blue? New subscription service launches that lets you PAY for bonus features

TWITTER has confirmed the existence of it’s ‘Twitter Blue’ subscription service.

The iOS App Store now mentions Twitter Blue under Twitter’s In-App Purchases and lists it as £2.49 ($3) a month.

Twitter Blue is now mentioned under Twitter's In-App Purchases on the App Store


Twitter Blue is now mentioned under Twitter’s In-App Purchases on the App Store

What is Twitter Blue?

Apart from the quiet revelation on the App Store, Twitter has remained tight lipped about its subscription service.

It isn’t currently mentioned on the Twitter app in the Google Play Store.

It seems the feature is only avaliable for some users as part of a test phase.

The tech giant had previously confirmed exploring the concept of users paying for certain features.

Earlier this month, tech blogger and leaker Jane Manchun Wong claimed to find evidence of the subscription service and what is would entail.

She tweeted: “Twitter is calling their upcoming Subscription Service “Twitter Blue”, priced at $2.99/month for now, including paid features like: Undo Tweets.”

The blogger included screenshots alongside the tweet that appear to show a new feature called “Bookmark Collections”.

She suggested paying users will be able to start saving their favourite tweets into a ‘Collection’ space.

A bit like how Instagram now has a “Saved” section for all your favourite Instagram posts.

Wong tweeted screenshots of what she claims to have discovered


Wong tweeted screenshots of what she claims to have discoveredCredit: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

Wong also tweeted: “Twitter is also working on tiered subscription pricing model, with one tier having more paid features than the other.

“For example, users on higher-priced tiers could enjoy premium experiences, such as clutter-free news reading experience.”

Wong has since said she is “the first paying Twitter Blue customer”.

She confirmed she got access to new app icons, colour themes and a Reader Mode.

Reader Mode supposedly makes reading Twitter threads easier.

Some people thought Twitter Blue might reduce the amount of ads on the platform but this hasn’t been noticed by Wong.

Twitter is also testing out a new Tip Jar feature that will let you send money to your favourite tweeters.

As the only major social network that allows full nudity, some people think the move could make Twitter the new OnlyFans.

The Twitter tip feature has started rolling out on Twitter’s Android and iOS apps.

Twitter announced the feature on its own platform by tweeting: “Show your love, leave a tip.

“Now testing Tip Jar, a new way to give and receive money on Twitter”.

It added: “More coming soon…”.

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And, Facebook is facing backlash in the US over plans to create a version of Instagram for children under 13.

Will you be getting Twitter Blue? Let us know in the comments…

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