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Watch Muay Thai star Steve Walker’s insane rare tornado kick KO in Lion Fight 64 title win over Brian Collette

LION FIGHT North American super-cruiserweight champion Steve Walker retained his title last Friday with an unbelievable 360 tornado kick.

Walker’s latest defence of his 205lb belt saw him lock horns with Brian Collette in the main event of Lion Fight 64 in Hutchinson, Kansas.

And the reigning champion had a short night at the office, taking out Collette in just 48 seconds.

After pressing forward early, Collette soon found himself on the defensive and eating brutal left body kicks.

Sensing his opponent was hurt and expecting another body kick, Walker feinted his back kick and spun 360 degrees before landing his foot square on the side of Collete’s head.

Collete crumped into the ropes and the referee immediately waved off the contest.

Walker’s latest knockout victory went viral and quickly became the talk of the combat sports world.

One fight fan tweeted: “The Force is strong with this one.”

Steve Walker hurls himself at Brian Collette


Steve Walker hurls himself at Brian ColletteCredit: UFC Fight Pass
Steve Walker's brutal head kick sent Brian Collette hurtling to the canvas


Steve Walker’s brutal head kick sent Brian Collette hurtling to the canvasCredit: UFC Fight Pass

Another said: “Holy s**t. That TKD kick was insane.”

And another said: “Yooooo my man wanted that high kick, just had to put a little sauce on it.

“Ole buddy is probably still on baby giraffe legs.”

One stunned viewer added: “The tornado kick is a very powerful tool to have in your arsenal, most of us can only dream of landing one as beautifully as this.”



Some, however, weren’t blown away by the spinning knockout, which is seldom seen in Muay Thai or mixed martial arts.

One viewer tweeted: “Looks good but to be fair the other guy was just standing there.

“Target practice. I wonder how good he looks when the opponent is fighting back?”

Another said: “That kick took forever to land. The other guy probably just froze.”

And another said: “How you just going to stand there like a punching bag?”

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