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Waitrose is bringing back its £20 Valentine’s Day meal deal and it includes venison steak with chocolate butter

WAITROSE is bringing back its very posh £20 Valentine’s Day meal deal – and it includes venison steak with a chocolate butter.

Champagne is also on the menu as part of the romantic selection.

Here are some of the options available in the £20 Waitrose Valentine's Day deal


Here are some of the options available in the £20 Waitrose Valentine’s Day deal

The dine in offer includes one starter, one main, two sides, one dessert, plus the choice of a bottle of drinks or box of chocolates.

The venison shoulder steak main is described by Waitrose as being “lean and tender” with a bittersweet chocolate butter to melt on top of it.

Other options for mains include pork shoulder with garlic and honey rosemary, and lamb racks with heart-shaped butter.

For your starter, you could pick garlic king prawns, seafood shells or chicken liver parfait.

What’s included in Waitrose’s Valentine’s Day 2021 meal deal?

HUNGRY for love? Here’s what’s on offer this Valentine’s Day at Waitrose.

Their £20 meal deal includes one starter, one main, two sides, one dessert, plus the choice of a bottle of drink or box of chocolates.


  • Unearthed Garlic King Prawns – usually £3.99
  • Heston from Waitrose Chicken Liver Parfait 80g – usually £4
  • Waitrose Crustless Pancetta Regato & Cheese quiches 300g – usually £3.99
  • Waitrose Balsamic Onion & Cheddar Tartlet Twin Pack – usually £3.99
  • Waitrose Breaded Baking Camembert 2s 200g – usually £3.50
  • Waitrose Breaded Baking Vegan Melts Relish 200g – usually £4
  • Waitrose Seafood Shells – usually £4
  • Waitrose Smoked Salmon Cheesecakes – usually £4
  • Heston from Waitrose Prawn Cocktail – usually £4
  • Waitrose Spanish Tapas Platter – usually £3.75
  • Waitrose Gluten free Vegetarian Mushroom Arancini – usually £4


  • Waitrose Easy To Cook Pork Shoulder with Honey garlic and rosemary – usually £6
  • Gressingham Duck – usually £7
  • Waitrose British Lamb Racks with roasted garlic and rosemary heart butters – usually £8
  • Waitrose Ribeye with Bearnaise Butter – usually £10
  • Waitrose Beef Rump Steaks with Chimichurri Butter – usually £8
  • Venison Steak with Chocolate Butter – usually £9
  • Easy to Cook Steak Diane – usually £8
  • Bigham’s Lasagne – usually £7.75
  • Bigham’s Cottage pie – usually £7.75
  • Waitrose Vegan Moroccan Swirl – usually £6.99
  • Waitrose No1 Yellowfin Tuna Steaks 2s 240g – usually           
  • Waitrose No1 Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets 2s 220g – usually £7               
  • Waitrose No1 Roasted Vegetable & Pesto Pizza 544g – usually £5.75


  • Waitrose Potato Gratin – usually £2.75
  • Waitrose Spinach Mornay – usually £2.25
  • Waitrose Beef dripping Chips – usually £2.50
  • Waitrose Cauliflower cheese – usually £2.50
  • Waitrose Maple Roasted Veg – usually £2.50
  • Waitrose Frites – usually £2.25
  • Waitrose Seasoned Charlotte Potatoes 375g – usually £2
  • Waitrose Cauliflower Kale & Couscous – usually £2
  • Waitrose Wheatberries Lentils & Green Vegetables – usually £2
  • Waitrose Baby Leaf Salad – usually £2
  • Waitrose Rainbow Salad Bowl – usually £3
  • Waitrose Mediterranean Roasting Veg 400g – usually £2
  • Waitrose Parmentier Potatoes 500g – usually £2


  • Waitrose Three Cheese Selection pack – usually £3.50
  • Waitrose No1 Sicilian Lemon Tart 2s 150g – usually £3.50
  • Waitrose No1 Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart 2s 150g – usually £3.50
  • Waitrose No1 Caramel Chocolate Profiteroles 6s 156g – usually £4
  • Heston from Waitrose Espresso Martini Torte – usually £4.50
  • Waitrose No1 Chocolate Praline Hearts – usually £4
  • Waitrose No1 Raspberry and Lemon Cheesecake – usually £4
  • Waitrose No1 Raspberry Panna Cotta 2x100g – usually £3.50
  • English Cheesecake Company Vegan Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Slice 2x121g – usually £3.90
  • Heston from Waitrose Bucks Fizz Swirl Dessert 140g – usually £4.50
  • Waitrose Classic Fruit Salad 600g – usually £4
  • Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar Heart 200g – usually £5


  • Beavertown Gamma Ray 4x330ml – usually £8.75
  • Waitrose No1 Cederberg Syrah – usually £10.99
  • Montidori Sangiovese – usually £9.99
  • San Leo Rosato NV Italy 75cl – usually £10.49
  • Ara Sauvignon Blanc – usually £10.99
  • Waitrose Brut NV Champagne, France 37.5cl – usually £11.99
  • The Ned Pinot Grigio – usually £9.99
  • Noughty Alcohol Free Organic Sparkling Wine 75cl – usually £8.99


  • Waitrose Luxury chocolate collection – usually £10

And for dessert, options include lemon tart, espresso martini torte and chocolate praline hearts.

There are 50 food options and eight drinks to choose from – you can see everything on offer in the box above.

In terms of drinks, you can pick between Waitrose Brut NV Champagne – although it is a smaller 37.5cl bottle, compared to standard 75cl size – red wine, white wine or beer.

If you don’t fancy booze, you can choose a box of Waitrose luxury chocolates instead.

Waitrose says the maximum saving you can get compared to buying each item individually is £16.99.

You can get the best saving by buying the most expensive items in the deal.

For example, the priciest starters cost £4, with choices for this price including live parfait and seafood shells, while the most expensive main is the £10 ribeye steak with Bearnaise butter.

Pair these with two of the rainbow salads, priced at £3 each, so £6 in total, the £5 vintage cheddar heart, and the half bottle of champagne, which would usually cost £11.99 on its own.

This combination would usually come to £36.99 but you’ll only pay £20 thanks to the deal.

Posh rival M&S is also charging £20 for its Valentine’s Day deal – but there are two main differences.

With M&S, you only get one side, compared to two with Waitrose, but you don’t need to pick between a drink or chocolates as both are included.

The maximum saving with M&S is slightly lower at £16.50.

Sainsbury’s is advertising its deal as “£20 or less” so you only get money off your combination of food if it costs more than £20.

Other supermarkets – including Asda, Co-op, Morrisons and Tesco – are charging £15 for their Valentine’s Day meal deals.

We’ve rounded up the best Valentine’s Day meal deals from all the supermarkets here.

Here’s all the ways to send Valentine’s Day cards for free to your other half.

Or if you’re planning on popping the question, Poundland confirmed it has brought back its £1 engagement rings.

John Lewis and Waitrose & Partners are on a mission to raise £4m for charities plus £1m for local charities this Christmas and we need your help to give a little love

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