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Ulrika Jonsson reveals ‘nipple slip’ for fans as she celebrates turning 54

ULRIKA Jonsson posted a snap of her nipple slip for fans as she celebrated turning 54.

The braless presenter rejoiced about turning a year older by sharing a late-night “slip-up”.


Credit: Instagram

She wrote yesterday evening: “As it’s nearly my birthday now, I thought I’d slip you a little something.”

She added: “Bring it on 54. Here I come.

“When you have four kids and other priorities, you make damn sure you make today about you.”

This morning, 54-year-old Ulrika wrote a happy birthday message to herself as she celebrated her best qualities.

“Happy Birthday, to me….,” she wrote.

“What I know so far: I’m a lioness of boundless proportions.

“I am fierce; I am loyal. Passion courses through my veins; fire scorches my heart and imagination canters like a wild horse through my buoyant, tangled mind.

“I love with reckless abandon and ardour at times when caution and circumspection might be the order of the day.

“Lying down with lions has never perturbed me.
But the futility of attempting to change the shape of my heart has never been lost on me. I am who I am.

“I may be too much. But I am never not enough.

“I’m instinctive and intuitive. An empath; a lover, a carer and nurturer.

“I am learning to put myself first but it turns out to be a vigorous lesson to learn.

“I am a woman of substance. I am a complicated soul.

“I can be apprehensive and impatient. And I don’t like goat’s cheese.”

She ended the post by saying “leos are the best”.


Credit: Instagram


Credit: Instagram

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