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UK Weather forecast news LIVE – 25C Bank Holiday Monday ahead of 13-DAY heatwave in June


A cool and wet May has brought a Spring of marked contrast, according to early provisional figures from the Met Office.

May has been a month dominated by low pressure, bringing heavy downpours or prolonged spells of rain for much of the UK.

Wales has seen its wettest May since records began in 1862, with 207mm of rainfall, well over twice the long-term average, topping the previous record of 184mm set in 1967.

It has been a similar story in May for much of the UK, with all countries seeing rainfall well above the long-term averages for the month.

The wettest locations, receiving more than twice the average rainfall, were southwest and northeast England, as well as Wales and parts of eastern Scotland. The UK has so far seen its fourth highest amount of rainfall on record for the month, with an average of 199mm falling.

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