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UFO report news – Pentagon ‘CAN’T say what Navy sightings are’ but insists there’s ‘no evidence’ of alien spacecraft


Sen. Marco Rubio said UFOs need to be “seriously investigated” before the bombshell Pentagon report drops later this month.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for the Republican senator told The Sun that he believes the report is just the first step in the investigation into mysterious flying objects, dubbed Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).

“Men and women we have entrusted with the defense of our country are reporting encounters with unidentified aircraft with superior capabilities,” Rubio said in a statement.

“We cannot allow the stigma of UFOs to keep us from seriously investigating this. The forthcoming report is one step in that process, but it will not be the last.”

US intelligence agencies will present the unclassified UAP report to Congress on June 29, within the 180-day deadline laid out legislation in effect from January 1.

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