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Tories lead Labour by 17 points in Hartlepool but London Mayor Sadiq Khan set to keep seat

LABOUR could lose crucial Red Wall battleground Hartlepool on Thursday, the party’s shadow foreign secretary admits.

Lisa Nandy said “anything is possible” in the by-election and let slip it would be “difficult” for Sir Keir Starmer to make inroads.

She told TimesRadio that despite some polls showing the Tory lead narrowing, it was still all to play for.

Both sides were playing down expectations ahead of Thursday’s local votes — where thousands of council seats are up for grabs.

Voters will also elect a handful of regional mayors, and Members of the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments.

Tories say they expect to lose more than 1,000 seats due to a “post-Corbyn bounce”, urging every supporter to get out and vote.

Tory elections chief Amanda Milling warned: “We are likely to lose a significant number of seats this time round, but are fighting tooth and nail across the country.”

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