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The most popular baby names across the world revealed

IF you want to avoid your baby girl sharing her name with at least one of her classmates, then you might be better off passing on Olivia.

For the past two years, the undeniably pretty moniker has been crowned the UK’s most popular baby name – but surprisingly, it’s not come out top in London.

The name Ottilie proved to be more popular than Olivia in London, according to NameBerry


The name Ottilie proved to be more popular than Olivia in London, according to NameBerryCredit: Getty – Contributor

A large-scale study by Nameberry has found that parents living in the capital prefer the name Ottilie to Olivia.

In order to put together their list of popular baby names across the world, the website analysed the views of their name pages with visitors from across three continents in the past year.

Although Ottilie came out top in London, Olivia still managed to take fourth place after Cora and Arabella.

With the exception of Toronto and Dallas, the name Cora was included in the top five for five cities – and was most popular in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.


Meanwhile, Olivia still proved popular across the pond and featured in the top three for Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas too.

What’s more, the boy’s name Atticus is making a comeback across the world and appeared in the shortlists for London, Sydney, Dallas and LA.

And Theodore also proved to be Sydney’s favourite boy’s name and appeared in the top five for London and New York too.

Earlier this year, we revealed the most popular baby names from across the continent – and Olivia and Oliver didn’t get a look-in.

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