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Stylist shows off client’s botched extensions which are so bad she lost whole handfuls of hair

A HAIRDRESSER urged people to do proper research before getting extensions as she shared a video showing how a client lost handfuls of hair due to damage caused by botched extension bonds.

Her client’s hair was “ripped out from the root” and commenters said they’d be in tears if it happened to them.

The client lost handfuls of hair due to botched extensions


The client lost handfuls of hair due to botched extensionsCredit: @hairbylima/TikTok

A hair stylist and Tiktok user who goes by the username hairbylima shared the video and explained the damage that had been done.

The client came to the hairdresser because her extensions were causing “horrible amounts of tension” to her scalp.

The hairdresser explained: “Extreme tension is what caused all this damage done to her root area.”

She described the damage in detail for her Tiktok followers. 

The stylist could see hair coming out as she combed through it


The stylist could see hair coming out as she combed through itCredit: @hairbylima/TikTok

She said: “This client got extensions done at a different salon about two months ago and came in because they were starting to bother her. 

“As you can see, all these little white dots next to the extensions are unfortunately all pieces of her hair that have been ripped out from the root.”

She said her client lost “quite a bit of hair” but fortunately her natural hair was thick enough that there wouldn’t be any noticeable damage.

However, at this stage, the stylist could not undo the damage that had been caused by the poorly installed extensions.

She explained: “Unfortunately, the damage had already been made and we were just removing the extensions so no further damage would be made. 

“A lot of the extensions were actually fused together and they were just improperly done.”

The Tiktok user said her client experienced 'horrible amounts of tension'


The Tiktok user said her client experienced ‘horrible amounts of tension’Credit: @hairbylima/TikTok
The extensions themselves were installed incorrectly


The extensions themselves were installed incorrectlyCredit: @hairbylima/TikTok

The video has amassed over 500,000 likes, and commenters were shocked by what they saw. 

“That’s literally half the amount of hair on my head pls I’d literally cry”, wrote one sympathetic viewer, while another said: “OMGGGG I WOULD LITERALLY DIE.”

Another added: “I would be livid.”

“I’m crying for her”, wrote a fourth commenter.

Others shared their own horrifying hair extensions experiences.

One commenter revealed: “I had extensions for two months in a celebrity salon. I lost 70% of my hair after they took them out. My scalp and hair couldn’t handle the stress.”

“Exact same thing happened to me and she told me it was normal and I was insecure for YEARS about the long term damage”, a second added.

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