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Fernando Alonso believes he is in the form of his life – despite not racing an F1 car in two years.

The two-time world champion has returned to the sport with the rebranded Renault team, now known as Alpine.

Alonso, who quit F1 in 2018, spent last year racing in the Dakar series and again missed out on winning the Indy 500.

But the 39-year-old says he still has unfinished business in the sport and decided to come back to F1.

He said: “The main thing of why I am here was because I felt that I was at my best in the last couple of years.

“I felt like I was driving better than evert and I had to make a decision on what was the next challenge after LeMans.

“And I thought that being at my best now, maybe Formula One was the place to be and I have time in the future to look at the challenges that were not completed.

“So that was the main thing, I felt that I had something to do here again.”

Alonso was quizzed if winning the title was within his grasp, as there is renewed hope at the French team.

He added: “To win races and championships, you need a few more things than just your motivation or beliefs.

“You need the package, the laps and the momentum and that is something we are looking to build with the new Alpine name.

“So yeah, I cannot guarantee it, but we will fight for those wins and championships in the future if we do those things but we are not racing alone.”

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