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Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day menu includes salted caramel hot chocolate

STARBUCKS has launched a Valentine’s Day menu and it includes the salted caramel hot chocolate.

The sweet drink is made up of steamed salted caramel infused milk and mocha sauce.

Starbucks now does a salted caramel hot chocolate for Valentine's Day


Starbucks now does a salted caramel hot chocolate for Valentine’s Day

To finish it off, the hot chocolate is then topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

As this drink is a Valentine’s Day item, it’ll only be around until February 15 – that means you’ll need to be quick to try it.

Prices start from £3.10 for a short (small), £3.25 for tall (medium) and £3.55 for grande (large).

Keep in mind Starbucks prices do vary depending on your location.

These cute biscuits are also part of the Valentine's Day menu


These cute biscuits are also part of the Valentine’s Day menu

Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day menu 2021

STARBUCKS has released a new hot drink and biscuit as part of its Valentine’s Day selection.

Both products are available now until February 15.

  • Salted caramel hot chocolate – £3.10 for a short, £3.25 for tall (medium) and £3.55 for grande (large)
  • Be My Valentine shortbread – £1.99

Starbucks has also brought out a new Valentine’s Day shortbread biscuit which is decorated with romantic messages.

Each shortbread is shaped like a heart and covered in white icing with a mini green heart on top.

The biscuits then feature the words “love”, “forever”, “sweetie” or “be mine” in black icing.

The shortbread, which is priced at £1.99 each, will also only be available until February 15.

We’ve asked Starbucks for the sugar and calories information for both the hot chocolate and biscuit and will update you when we know more.

Starbucks restaurants are currently closed for dine-in but you can still order drinks for takeaway or home delivery.

Delivery orders need to be placed through Uber Eats or Just Eat, but keep in mind you’ll pay extra for using these services.

Fees for delivery usually vary depending on how far away you are from a restaurant.

Starbucks has nearly 1,000 branches in the UK.

You can use the Starbucks store finder tool to locate your nearest restaurant.

Starbucks has previously brought out a cherry mocha and pink berry hot chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

The coffee chain’s Christmas menu, meanwhile, included a truffle hot chocolate.

For Halloween in 2020, Starbucks brought out a vampire frappuccino.

For money-saving tips, one Starbucks customer revealed how she gets FOUR drinks for the price of one with easy tip.

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