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Sky broadband down with internet outages across the UK

HUNDREDS of Sky internet customers are struggling to get online this morning as broadband went down across parts of the country.

Over 1,000 people have reported problems accessing the internet since this morning from around 6am, according to complaints tracker DownDetector.

Sky internet customers are struggling to get online this morning


Sky internet customers are struggling to get online this morning

Areas most affected appear to be London, Norwich and Belfast, with other places like Manchester and Birmingham suffering issues.

Around 92% of the complaints were about Sky’s internet service, with 6% reporting TV issues and 1% suffering from a total blackout, according to DownDetector data.

It is believed that Sky has over 6million broadband customers, and many took to social media to complain about the issues.

One customer asked whether there were “any known issues in the Norwich area”, while another said: “We have no Sky Internet in North Walsham.”

Others complained they couldn’t log on to start work as many Brits continue to work from home because of Covid.

One customer tweeted: “[Me] and wife working from home (while trying to) any update?”

While others said they were having trouble getting in touch with Sky’s customer service team.

One unhappy customer tweeted: “I am getting no help trying to call. I work from home and I have no WiFi this morning. Can someone please help?”

Another said: “Time to wake up and fix this outage.”

Sky hasn’t confirmed what has caused the outage, or when the issue will be fixed.

We’ve asked for more information and will update you when we know more.

Sky customers aren’t the only ones to have complained about service crashes recently.

Virgin Media customers have suffered a series of broadband issues this year.

This month saw customers raging about connection issues just months after a spat of outages hit certain parts of the country in April and May.

It comes following news that almost 15million people experienced issues with their broadband last year.

According to USwitch, the average home was left without internet for more than two days in that time too.

You can get compensation for service issues that leave you offline.

You’ll need to make sure you report the outage so your provider is aware of the problem, but then you will likely be entitled to compensation automatically – which could be over £8 a day.

How do I check the service status of Sky?

Broadband issues are frustrating for customers as thousands of people continue to work from home. 

You can monitor service issues online or via the My Sky app.

To find out if you have problems in your area either use the online service checker or sign into the My Sky app.

See our Sky outages guide for more information on how to check your service and if you’re eligible for compensation.

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