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Shopper baffled after buying dress from Saffron Barker’s In The Style range & being sent something COMPLETELY different

BUYING clothes online is always a risky business, what if the colour isn’t the same? What if it doesn’t fit?

What if it’s not even the item you ordered?

The dress Emily ordered from In The Style


The dress Emily ordered from In The StyleCredit: @emilyauty/TikTok

Well, unfortunately, that last question is becoming even more of an issue when buying clothes online.

One TikTok user decided she would treat herself to a new dress from Saffron Barker’s In The Style range, but it didn’t go according to plan.

Emily Auty, uploaded the video to her account and it has already been viewed 1million times.

In the video Emily writes: “Imagine I ordered this for my friend’s 21st and this is what came.”

She shows an image of the dress she purchased which is a gorgeous body-hugging, multi-coloured, floor-length dress from Saffron Barker’s In The Style range.

She then shows the dress that came, which is completely different to what she ordered.

Most of the time when online stores fail it is because of the material or size, but Emily got an entirely different dress through the post.

Emily alleges they were not even responding to her emails to send out the right dress.

In the caption she wrote: “Help this blow up so In The Style actually reply to my emails so I can get the real dress I ordered.”

The CEO and founder of In The Style, Adam Frisby, commented under the post.

He wrote: “Sorry you had an issue. This is unfortunately just a dispatch mistake which rarely happens. I’ve spoken to my team and they’ve been in touch with you.”

In the comments lots of people alleged to have similar experience when shopping online.

One user wrote: “OMG it’s not even close to what you ordered!”

Another user sarcastically responded: “I can’t see what you are complaining about. They are the same length? Give them a break.”

A third person commented: “Nah they did this to me but I preferred what they sent so I just kept it!”

The dress that Emily received was nothing like the image on the website


The dress that Emily received was nothing like the image on the websiteCredit: @emilyauty/TikTok

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