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Shop crowned ‘UK’s most unwelcoming store’ mocks moaners with DUMMIES after mask ban

A VILLAGE store crowned Britain’s ‘most unwelcoming shop’ has mocked moaning shoppers with DUMMIES if they refuse to wear masks.

Shop owner Maria Burke has a strict no-mask no-entry policy at North Cave News in North Cave, Yorkshire – even though the mask ban was lifted last month.

A store has mocked moaning shoppers with dummies


A store has mocked moaning shoppers with dummiesCredit: Hull Live/MEN

Nine warnings are plastered on her front door calling for shoppers’ to wear masks, or be refused entry. 

Two babies’ dummies also dangle from the door telling “angry” people to “save their breath” if they want to moan about it as she’s “heard it all before”.

It comes after the strict mask policy was blasted online over the weekend with furious Brits dubbing the store the country’s “most unwelcoming shop”.

Despite the outrage, many locals today rallied around to support Maria’s shop – which doubles as a post office and off licence – and said they agreed with the mask rule.

Maria Burke runs North Cave News in North Cave, Yorkshire


Maria Burke runs North Cave News in North Cave, YorkshireCredit: Hull Live/MEN

Sarah Topping, 18, said: “It’s her shop and she can choose to serve who she wants. 

“If people object to wearing a mask, then that is up to them, they can shop somewhere else.”

Pensioner Pamela Davies said: “I have no problem wearing a mask to shop. I, and many other people I know, are still wearing masks to go to the supermarket or travel on public transport.

“It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Builder John Ellis, 45, said he has bought his lunch from North Cave News while working in the area.

He said: “Whoever is complaining about having to wear a mask is a bit of a sad act really. 

“It’s a pretty compact shop inside and there is not much room for social distancing, so it seems fair enough to make people wear masks.

“What harm does it do?”

A loyal customer, who asked not to be named, said: “I’ve known Maria for years and she is a fair and sensible lady who is putting the interests of her customers first.

“Masks protect others from your germs and will also help stop colds and flu being passed on. I’m right behind her.”

Another shopper said: “I don’t know what the fuss is about. It’s her shop,her rules.

“I think that trying to shame her is an horrible thing to do.

“She is just a shopkeeper trying her best to provide a much needed service to North Cave.

“Without this shop and Post Office where would we be.

“Having to wear a mask might be seen by some as a nuisance, but I don’t agree with those narrow-minded views.”

Nine warnings are plastered on the front door


Nine warnings are plastered on the front doorCredit: @andrew_allison

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