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Scorpio weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for July 11


OCT 24 – NOV 22

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If you’re single, a locally-famous social media name can be part of your passion future
If you’re single, a locally-famous social media name can be part of your passion future

Your zone of travel, and making time to set yourself free, gets guidance from the logic planet this week. 

So you can add dynamic energy to your ideas, in ways that help dreams take off. 

And yes, a return to a fantasy  “I” destination can be on the cards. 

Passion is all-or-nothing, as a voice you never expect to hear again gets involved with a group plan.

DESTINY DAYS: Work any room on Monday – and claim chances you know you deserve. 

Wednesday and Thursday are great for admin-blasting.  Luck broadcasts at 6 o’clock.

LUCKY LINKS: Fluorescent trainers.  Three people sharing and outdoor picnic — or drink. A family of blondes.

RUNE REVELATIONS: This week in your circle falls FEHEW, the rune that weaves together wealth and weddings. 

On one level this can show you, or someone very close, marrying into an extremely rich clan. 

And this can also draw distant parts of a family back together in positive ways.

This rune often includes a very generous gift of cash, or property, being made to a couple about to marry or make some other major commitment. 

And it urges you to dig deeper – find complex feelings under a simple surface. Gold rings, letters or names are all lucky for Scorpio.

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