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Scorned husband posts advert looking for man sleeping with his wife

A SCORNED bloke seeking revenge has shared an advert looking for the man that his wife was having an affair with.

Taking to Facebook the husband posted two photos of the mystery lover on a local buy and sell page, offering a reward for anyone who could provide him with more information.

A scorned husband is on the hunt for his wife's lover


A scorned husband is on the hunt for his wife’s loverCredit: Reddit

Captioning his post he wrote: “Hey guys, this b has been caught messing with my wife.

“$100 (£70) reward to the first to give me the correct address. Thank you.”

The post has since been shared on Reddit where it has divided opinion among users with many concerned about the fate of the man in question.

Commenting one wrote: “$100 to possibly be an accessory to murder? Pass.”

“You need to handle that with your wife,” agreed another, “Not the dude she chooses to be with instead of you.”

While a third added: “Seems like a problem with the wife, not the guy. But he is acting on emotions and that’ll lead to worse things for him.”

However, there were a few who sided with the jealous husband.

“If I knew him I would totally sell him out for a hundred dollars,” said one, while another added, “I can’t even fault him.”

Another added: “Unless this has happened to you, I doubt you can understand the rage involved in being betrayed like this.”

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