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Savvy Primark fans share shopping secrets for bagging best bargains

NOT trying to be dramatic – but one of the hardest things about being in lockdown was not being able to pop to our local Primark whenever we fancied.

Since stores re-opened in April, we’ve certainly been making up for lost time – and not necessarily been that savvy with our spending.

Savvy Primark shoppers have revealed their top tips for bagging the best bargains


Savvy Primark shoppers have revealed their top tips for bagging the best bargainsCredit: Alamy
The shoppers recommend shopping out of season


The shoppers recommend shopping out of seasonCredit:

Luckily for us, savvy Primark fans have shared their top money-saving tips with Latest Deals – and they’re going to totally change the way we shop.

Shop seasons ahead of time

Want to make the biggest savings? Then you need to take a tactical approach to sale season.

Rather than just bagging random items that catch your eye, Queena L Alves says she saves a fortune by buying things out of season.

“Buy tactically,” she said. “Purchase winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the autumn.”

Mum Claire Louise agreed: “Go at the end of the season to prepare for the following year.

“Always get the kids summer clothes for the following year at the end of summer. You can get swimming suits and shorts in the next size up for as little as 50p sometimes.”

Meanwhile, Mel Collins always stocks up on sun cream in the autumn when the price is cheaper for the following year.

Check the unbranded section

Whether it’s their Friends-inspired PJs or LOL Surprise T-shirts, there’s no denying that Primark’s branded clothing is one of our favourite things about the shop.

But if you’re looking to reduce the price of your basket, then shoppers say your best bargains are hidden in other places throughout the store.

For instance, Julie Chandlen said: “Focus on items such as the kids t-shirts, which can be as cheap as £1.30.

“Buy a size bigger and don’t be tempted by branded or licensed merchandise.”


Rob Jo Satt added: “I have noticed the branded & licensed stuff has been creeping up in price a lot.”

Instead, it’s worth holding out for the end-of-season sale to pick up your branded favourites – as they often get dramatically reduced.

What’s more, Breanne Huxtable said it’s worth checking display tables placed around the shop floor for cheaper items.

She said: “They have the big tables dotted around the store and will have kids pjs on one, cheap t-shirts on another, shorts, joggers, jeans and so on.

“I have found the tops can cost £1.50 instead of £6 or above, and a top and PJs can be bought for £5 for 2 instead of £10 each. Similarly, thongs can be on these tables for just £1, t-shirts can be £2.50, and much more.”

Gift card spending limit

We’re the first to admit that we struggle to control our spending when it comes to Primark’s “New In” section.

Buy a gift card and set that as your limit. This will restrict how much you do spend and save you money over time as you won’t buy items you don’t need.

But if you can’t be trusted with your credit card, then these shoppers have an easy hack for that.

Lauren Keri Teague said: “Buy a gift card and set that as your limit. This will restrict how much you do spend and save you money over time as you won’t buy items you don’t need.”

Or if this doesn’t work for you, Marie Betts Lester will purposefully leave her cards at home and only take as much cash as she’s willing to spend in store with her.

And if this wasn’t enough, Bee Grubb has banned herself from buying anything more expensive than £8 – which is a foolproof rule to stick to.

Make a plan and stick to it

Sounds simple enough right? Well trust us when we say it’s easier said than done.

Katie Streeter recommended: “Write a list of what you want and need and don’t deviate! If you need a pair of jeans just go right to the section and bypass the tops and PJs.”

And if you have gone slightly wild while walking around the store, Nicole Ross says she always takes the time to evaluate her basket before heading to the checkout.

She explained: “I pick up everything I want and then go through it all before I go to the checkout. I decide if I really need or want each and every item and I often put quite a few things back!”

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