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Sagittarius weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for July 11


NOV 23 – DEC 21

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The makeover moon restarts a fitness challenge and this time you can stay well ahead of the game
The makeover moon restarts a fitness challenge and this time you can stay well ahead of the game

Your chart carries a strong sense of truly getting to know, and accept, yourself. 

This includes saying no to initiatives that take, with no option for giving anything back.

You have unique instincts for home and fashion styling, and sharing tips – even in the smallest way – can lead to rich rewards. 

Passion is in learning mode, so trust yourself not to repeat any “T” mistakes.

DESTINY DAYS: Numbers add up for you on Tuesday.  But words spell luck on Thursday, especially with three letters. 

Passion crosses wide water on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS: Scandi-style names or brands.   A workmate with a new title. 

A journey that starts on four wheels and ends on two.

RUNE REVELATIONS: You’re near the top of a prize list, thanks to the wishing and winning rune WUNNA. 

Success can come in two main ways. First, in a contest linked to words, pictures, or both. 

This can open up a creative world you hardly dare to dream of.  Second, you can win a passion prize — someone you have never been able to get out of your head, or your heart. 

Or a fantasy romance turned into reality.  But do bear in mind this rune’s warning – be sure what you wish for is what you really want.

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