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Read WhatsApp messages WITHOUT being seen using these genius tricks

IF you’ve ever wanted to read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing you’ve seen it, there’s several tricks you can try.

Whether you just need more time to respond, want to look busy or are trying to ignore someone, the following WhatsApp tips could help you out.

You can stop the blue ticks from being triggered


You can stop the blue ticks from being triggered

Turn off read receipts

If you’re not keen on anyone knowing whether you’ve read a WhatsApp message or not, this is the trick for you.

Read receipts are the little blue ticks that appear next to a message after a recipient has seen it.

One grey tick means your message has been sent, two grey ticks means it’s reached their device and a pair of blue ticks means it’s been read.

If you do not want to send or receive read receipts, it’s an easy process to turn them off.

First, open the WhatsApp app and select Settings, then Account and then tap Privacy.

Scroll down and tap to uncheck the box next to “Read Receipts” and you have successfully turned them off.

Be warned, if you turn off read receipts you will not be able to see read receipts from other people but this can be a small price to pay for some extra privacy.

Also, a contact may still be able to see if you’re online at the same time as them even if read receipts are not triggered.

Go offline

This sneaky trick involves turning off your Wi-Fi and mobile data.

A quick way to do this is to turn on Airplane Mode.

Clear away your notifications, make sure you’re completely offline and then open WhatsApp.

You can read your messages without triggering the read receipts and if you’ve got your read receipts turned off then you can use this trick so no one can see that you’re online.

You’ll need to fully close WhatsApp before you go back online or blue ticks can be triggered.

The trick works by blocking communication between your smartphone and WhatsApp.

Make use of iPhone 3D Touch

This tip is useful for users of iPhone 6s or newer.

If you fall into this category, you can make use of a a little-known feature called 3D Touch.

The screen has an extra layer of touch sensitivity in it, so by pressing hard on the display, you can bring up new options.

If you tap once on a WhatsApp chat, you’ll be taken straight into the messages.

But if you press hard and hold on the WhatsApp chat, you’ll get a full-screen preview of what’s inside.

This lets you read around a dozen of the latest messages sent in this chat without triggering the WhatsApp blue ticks.

But be careful – if you press too hard, you’ll be taken straight into the full chat window, and the blue ticks will appear for the sender.

Once you’re done, simply let go and you’ll be taken back to the main chat window.

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