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Ragnarok meaning and season 2 ending explained

NETFLIX fans have been gripped by season 2 of Ragnarok – a Norwegian fantasy drama starring David Stakston.

Here’s everything you need to know about the series – including SPOILERS.


David Stakston, 21, plays Magne in Ragnarok


David Stakston, 21, plays Magne in Ragnarok

What does Ragnarok mean?

Ragnarok means a series of events in Norse mythology, including a great battle involving gods, natural disasters and the submersion of the world in water.

The world regenerates following these disastrous events, with just two human survivors remaining.

Norse mythology heralds from Scandinavia.

What is Ragnarok about?

Ragnarok is a Norweigan fantasy drama set in the fictional town of Edda in Hordaland.

The town is suffering from the adverse effects of climate change, with four Jotnar gods – posing as the Jutul family – polluting the community.

But when local lad Magne discovers he too is the embodiment of a god – Thor – he challenges the evil family in a bid to save the planet.

The two-season show has gone on to become a huge success on Netflix since it first streamed in 2020, with a third season expected in the near future.

Speaking to website Nordisk Film & TV Fond in March 2020, show producer Meta Louise Foldager Sorensen said: “I was surprised to see how a local series such as Ragnarok can be distributed around the world and how successful it can be.

“Netflix does see the fantastic potential of local original content and they have contributed to breaking down the language barriers.

“The market is totally different than 10 years ago and there are so many more players to work with.”

The picturesque Scandinavian mountains can be seen in the background


The picturesque Scandinavian mountains can be seen in the background

How does Ragnarok season 2 end?

Magne manages to overcome Vidar – the father of the Jutul family – earlier in the series, but is deeply upset about killing a living being and, as a result, loses his powers.

The protagonist then finds himself in a sticky situation when Vidar’s son – Fjor – takes over Jutul Industries and becomes even more aggressive than his father.

After stealing a key from his brother Laurits, Magne breaks into Jutul Industries with his friends and finds the eternal flame to forge Thor’s legendary hammer.

But his friends have been injured following their efforts and the hammer is useless without his powers.

And Laurities – who is the embodiment of Loki, another Nordic god – feels betrayed by his brother.

Magne then discovers Jutul Industries have been dodging their tax payments by threatening to leave Norway and destroying hundreds of jobs after a heated row with his brother.

This angers Magne and the rage inside reignites his powers – but he is unable to track down Fjor before the final episode ends.

Fjor encounters Lauritis but instead of fighting, the two team up in a bid to defeat Magne – leaving the series on a tantalising cliffhanger.

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