Privacy Policy

  1. in order to protect your privacy and to ensure that you benefit from the technological infrastructure used at the highest level; It has adopted various privacy principles for your personal information and data security. Within the scope of this privacy policy, the website and all sub-websites are determined and declared to be applied for data collection and / or use.
  2. All of these policies stated by visiting and / or using the UK News Agency website and / or becoming a member are deemed to have been accepted by the user. In line with the feedback to be made to him through one of the contact addresses specified on the UK News Agency page, he can always make corrections and updates in the “Privacy Notice” section without prior notice. The UK News Agency can update the “Privacy Statement” section periodically and the user can be informed of new developments by visiting this section periodically.
  3. UK News Agency will not disclose to third parties any personal information and data transmitted electronically by its visitors or users via UK News Agency can cooperate with many 3rd party institutions and organizations in various ways in order to use the services and services it offers more effectively. This collaboration; advertising, sponsorship, permission marketing, data sharing and other legal commercial methods. UK News Agency declares and undertakes to conduct authorized communication / marketing in accordance with the laws, not to communicate against the request of the user, and to provide tools that will enable the user to exit the system easily and free of charge. UK News Agency will not share, sell and under any circumstances allow the personal data and information transmitted to it to be used with third parties other than for the purposes described above regarding the collection of the information.
  4. In order to identify problems related to the system on the site and to immediately resolve possible problems that may arise on the UK News Agency site, UK News Agency may record the IP address of users and use these records for these purposes. These IP addresses can be used by the UK News Agency to generally identify its users and visitors and to collect demographic data in a comprehensive way. The traffic data storage obligations of the UK News Agency website specified in Law No. 5651 are also reserved.
  5. In order to gain the title of member by registering with the UK News Agency or to benefit from various services and content without being a member, visitors must provide some personal information (for example: name and surname, telephone number, postal address, e-mail address, etc.) .) submitted to the UK News Agency via forms. This information, which can be requested by the UK News Agency during registration, can be stored in the system. This transmitted personal information can also be used to communicate with users when necessary. The information that may be requested by the UK News Agency or the information transmitted by the user or the relevant information revealed in the transactions made through the Site, only various statistical evaluations, authorized communication and marketing, without revealing the identity of the user by the UK News Agency and other collaborating persons and institutions, It can be used in cases such as database building efforts and market research.
  6. UK News Agency may provide links to other sites within the site. It can publish advertisements of third parties with which it has an agreement and / or application forms for various services, and direct users to the site of advertisers or contracted third parties through these forms and advertisements. UK News Agency bears no responsibility for the privacy practices and policies of other sites accessed via this link or the content they host.
  7. User’s personal information is understood as name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any other information intended to identify the user. UK News Agency will not disclose any of the personal information to companies and third parties that UK News Agency does not cooperate with, unless stated otherwise in this privacy statement. UK News Agency will be able to disclose the information of users to third parties by going beyond the provisions of this privacy statement in the cases listed below. These situations;

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