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Priti Patel says police shouldn’t face ‘trial by social media’ and wants more bodycams for cops

COPS should share body-cam footage to combat “high selective” trials by social media, according to Priti Patel.

The Home Secretary told the Police Federation she wants forces to “be more proactive” in sending out their own clips during social media storms.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel


The Home Secretary Priti PatelCredit: PA
Police should release bodycam footage when slammed on social media


Police should release bodycam footage when slammed on social mediaCredit: Alamy

She said she hoped clips would “highlight the good work of their officers” and “correct harmful misinformation circulating online.”

It comes as Boris Johnson praised coppers hard work during the pandemic.

He told the conference: “Just as I could never have imagined being forced, as Prime Minister, to close pubs and bars and restaurants or tell people how many households could get together, I bet that policing restrictions in that way was not something you ever dreamt you would be doing.

“But you did it because you knew it was how we were going to protect the NHS and save lives.

“And now as we move closer to normality and get on with cracking down on crime, we want you to know that we are going to be backing you all the way, providing millions in funding to tackle serious violence and drugs gangs, giving you the man power to get the job done.”

The Home Secretary offered unwaivering support to bobbies on the beat doing their hard work.

She said: “It’s a cruel irony that while most crimes naturally fell during lockdown, violence and abuse directed at police officers increased.”

Last year officers from the Met slammed Labour MP Dawn Butler who shared a clip of her being stopped by their officers.

Deputy Commissioner Sir Steve House defended the officers at the time and said they “acted professionally and politely.”

Priti said:”I will not let the police be subjected to trial by social media.

“That’s why I backed the Federation’s call for forces to share body-worn video footage to counter highly selective, and misleading, video clips uploaded onto social media.”

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