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Pisces weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for August 15


FEB 19 – MAR 20

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A new communication contact, or contract, links to personal luck
A new communication contact, or contract, links to personal luck

Deep inside, your sensual Venus self is sending out love-waves, and drawing all kinds of partners towards you. 

An ex you can’t forget, or a brief encounter you always wished was more, can all spice up your week. 

Whilst a partnership is its most physical for months. Yes, let yourself go! 

A new communication contact, or contract, links to personal luck.

DESTINY DAYS: Make a new work timetable on Tuesday, leaving space to 
train, or learn.  Reply to a tender text on Thursday.  Spend some of 
Saturday breathing deeply

LUCKY LINKS: A mask with a message on it.  A set of blue glass bottles.  
Food with a link to the East.

U FOR… UNCENSORED:  For too long, you’ve bitten back honest opinions or critical comments, to spare feelings, or stick to a quiet life. 

Now Uranus is in reverse in your communication sector — and all bets are 
off.  You’ve got the kind of unfiltered tongue that speaks the truth, 
and nothing but the truth. 

This is a love breakthrough, and blasts away a recent barrier. While at work, a team responds to your open ways with a surprise offer. 

You can earn money saying or writing things no one else dares to – and win yourself a unique audience.

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