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People are praising this easy hack which means you’ll never have to wash a fiddly cheese grater again

CHEESE graters are notoriously difficult to clean – bits of sponge get ripped off by the blades, tiny pieces of food get lodged in the holes, and you always have to watch your fingers.

But Tiktok user @kanisrezepte has found a way for you to grate to your heart’s content without the annoying wash-up ordeal.

You just need a zip-lock bag


You just need a zip-lock bagCredit: kanisrezepte / Tiktok

In the video, which has over 3 million views, the hack clearly shows that you can use a cheese grater while keeping it perfectly clean.

All you need to do is grab a sturdy zip-lock bag and place it on top of your grater.

Then, when you run your food along the plastic-covered utensil, the blades will be prominent enough to cut the food without actually touching the grater itself.

This way, you get the same end-result, but your grater doesn’t need to be washed afterwards.

Place the bag over the grater, and grate as normal


Place the bag over the grater, and grate as normalCredit: kanisrezepte / Tiktok

Using a piece of garlic, the Tiktok user demonstrates that this hack works perfectly.

One commenter wrote that the hack was “smart”.

A woman asked if the hack would make holes in the zip-lock bag, but the creator of the video assured her that it wouldn’t. 

Though the hack is definitely a time-saver, some commenters say it’s wasteful and lazy.

In the end you'll have a spotless utensil


In the end you’ll have a spotless utensilCredit: kanisrezepte / Tiktok

“Stop wasting plastic wtf worst hack ever”, wrote one annoyed viewer, while another exclaimed: “Stop wasting plastic and just wash your s***.”

Another added: “Brainless.”

“Y’all really that lazy you don’t wanna wash dishes”, wrote another critical viewer. 

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