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Organised mum shares clever hack for storing toys – but it’s her reflection that’s got people talking

A MUM ended up sharing more than she bargained for after she posted an organisational hack online – but people were distracted by her reflection. 

The mum posted on Facebook about her five-year-old son’s storage solution for his Mario figurines, and uploaded the snap of them all lined up in a cabinet. 

The mum shared a snap of her son's toys on Facebook, but didn't realise she captured her reflection too


The mum shared a snap of her son’s toys on Facebook, but didn’t realise she captured her reflection tooCredit: Facebook

She wrote on Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia: “Not a hack, but Mr 5 has used the Lego display case for his hot wheels Mario Kart collection. 

“He wants another for his robiox figures now. Great for $20.” 

Little did she realise the glass perfectly captured her reflection – in her underwear. 

The mum can been seen in a pair of black pants and a stripey top, as she snapped a photo of the toys on her phone. 

I’m an embarrassment to myself


Fellow parents quickly spotted the fashion faux pas and mums were in stitches over the gaffe, with her post racking up 600 likes.

One wrote: “Lucky you had undies on.”

Another said: “This is the best. Well at least you look sex as.” 

A third commented: “The reflection. On the plus side you look amazing! 

“Wish I looked like that in my undies.” 

Her hilarious faux pas was pointed out by fellow mums online


Her hilarious faux pas was pointed out by fellow mums online Credit: Facebook

After people pointed out her hilarious blunder, the mum updated her post admitting she was suitably ‘embarrassed’.

She added: “I obviously didn’t look at the photo before posting.

“I’m an embarrassment to myself haha. But at least I had a top on today.”

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