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Nintendo Switch Pro price REVEALED by shop ‘just one week before official announcement’

THE PRICE of a top-secret Nintendo console expected to launch in the coming days has leaked.

Details of the console called the Nintendo Switch Pro from a French retailer have emerged online.

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The Nintendo Switch is one of the most recognisable gaming consoles ever made


The Nintendo Switch is one of the most recognisable gaming consoles ever madeCredit: Nintendo

According to the leak, which was posted by Nintend’Alerts, the console will cost €399.

That translates to around £343 or $486 – so expect pricing in the region of £399/$399.

Of course, the leak isn’t verified by Nintendo – and could be an elaborate hoax.

However, according to a new Bloomberg report, the rumoured console is real and will land in September or October.

But the console looks set to be revealed much sooner than that.

Excitingly, Nintendo is expected to announce the new console before the E3 gaming convention – which kicks off on June 12.

It’s said that this is to give Nintendo developers the chance to show off their “full range of Switch games” at the event.

That means we could see an announcement in the coming days.

The device is expect to cost more than the £279/$299 Nintendo Switch we know and love today.

There are two versions of the Switch – the regular version and the handheld-only Lite model


There are two versions of the Switch – the regular version and the handheld-only Lite modelCredit: Nintendo

According to the new report, Nintendo will phase the current Switch out.

But it’s expected that the £199/$199 Switch Lite will remain on sale.

Sadly, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed these plans, so take all leaks and rumours with due caution.

The original Nintendo Switch launched back in 2017, to phenomenal success.

Currently the Nintendo Switch is only capable of running Full HD 1080p games while docked – or HD 720p in handheld mode.

That’s despite rivals offering 4K gaming, and 4K TVs now being cheaper and more common.

However, recent reports have suggested that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be capable of 4K gaming while docked.

The console is expected to feature a larger OLED panel built by Samsung.

Unlike traditional LED-backlit LCD screens, an OLED display has pixels that illuminate themselves.

That means individual pixels can be turned on or off, allowing for deeper blacks, improved contrast and a wider range of colours.

And the lack of a large backlight creates energy savings too.

A third Nintendo Switch model may be on the way


A third Nintendo Switch model may be on the wayCredit: Nintendo

The screen is expected to come in at 7 inches from corner to corner, up from the current 6.2 inches.

It’s unclear if the new model will be branded as the Nintendo Switch 2, or land as more of a “quiet” upgrade.

Nintendo previously improved battery life on the Switch without introducing it as a separate model.

However, Nintendo did recently launch Switch Lite, which is a cheaper handheld-only version of the console.

We don’t have any pricing info for a Nintendo Switch 2.

But it’ll certainly be in high demand, if the recent PS5 and Xbox launches are anything to go by.

What’s more, the Nintendo Switch usually sells out each year during the holidays, partly due to Black Friday but primarily because of Christmas.

So it’s very possible that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be very difficult to get.

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