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New easy broadband switching rules could help you save £90 a year

NEW rules to make switching your broadband easier have been proposed – and they could save households £90 a year.

Ofcom proposed the new changes today, with a final decision to be made this summer. 

Ofcom want to make it easier to switch broadband providers


Ofcom want to make it easier to switch broadband providers Credit: Getty Images – Getty

The new approach will mean customers will only have to contact their new broadband provider when switching. 

Currently, customers would need to contact both their existing and new provider to co-ordinate the switch.

This includes trying to make sure there is no gap between the old service ending and the new one starting.

New Ofcom research shows that four in ten people, about 41%, who decide to not switch providers are put off because of the hassle of having to contact multiple companies. 

How would the new switching process work?

HERE’S what Ofcom are proposing:

  1. A customer would contact their chosen new provider and give their details.
  1. The customer would then automatically receive important information from their current provider. This would include any early contract termination charges they may have to pay, and how the switch may affect other services the customer has with the company.
  1. If the customer wants to go ahead, the new provider would then manage the switch.

These proposals follow new rules introduced in 2019 that enable mobile customers to switch network providers by simply sending a free text message.

Lindsey Fussell from Ofcom says they want to make it even easier for people to get the best deal for their broadband. 

“We know some customers can be put off by the hassle of having to deal with more than one provider when trying to switch.

So our proposals today aim to make the process as seamless as possible, for everyone.”

Experts warn customers that switching when their current deal comes to an end could save them £90 a year.

Richard Neudegg, head of regulation at, said the proposals simplify the switching process is vital to build consumer confidence.

He said: “Switching broadband can feel like a complicated process and can put some consumers off searching for a better deal, potentially costing them £90 a year as they sit out of contract with their existing provider.”

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These proposals are under consultation until March 31, 2021. A final decision will be published in the summer, and if they go ahead, the new rules will come into force in December 2022.

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