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My brother banned me from wedding photos because he hated my outfit- he can’t understand why I’m upset

ONE teenager decided to switch up the dress code for her brother’s wedding and it ultimately backfired on her.

The 18-year-old revealed on Reddit that she was left furious and upset that her brother banned her from the wedding photos because of her outfit choice.

A teenager took to Reddit to ask who was in the right


A teenager took to Reddit to ask who was in the rightCredit: Getty

She turned to the forum site to ask who was in the wrong, herself or her brother 26, and his new wife, 25.

She anonymously revealed that the couple had indeed asked guests to wear certain colours at the wedding, as the wife and groom thought it would be fun to colour coordinate.

In the post she said: “The invites said the acceptable colors were fuschia and sky blue”

She said her problem was that she ONLY wears black and white, and she had brought this up to her brother a while before the wedding and he told her she would find something in that time to fit the colour scheme.

The teenager goes on to say her brother had no care for the fact she doesn’t wear those colours, and after chatting to their mum about the dilemma, she went shopping with her to find something to fit in with the colour scheme.

Her mum told her: “It was just one day and that wearing something a different color for a few hours is not going to kill me.”

Although she didn’t like any of the clothes, her mum still purchased her two items to choose from.

On the morning of the wedding she decided to ignore her brother’s request and put on a black dress.

When they arrived at the venue, her mum quickly went to find her brother to let him know she hadn’t stuck to the dress code.

She says her brother made a point to tell her that she would not be involved in any of the larger group shots with the wedding party and the rest of their family as she stood out too much.

Ending the post she writes: “I really don’t think I did anything wrong because my brother’s request was stupid from the beginning.”

Despite her strong argument for wearing the black dress, thousands of people disagreed with her and couldn’t believe her attitude regarding the situation.

One user wrote: “Now now be nice lots of 8 year olds have a favourite colour and throw a tantrum when they can’t wear it /s But seriously reading this I thought the 18 must be a typo, what 18 year old can be so stupid and selfish.”

Another responded: “Yep, my five-year-old page boy only wore Spider-Man t-shirts but managed to wear a suit for my wedding. If a child can understand a dress code then surely the OP could too.”

A third user commented: “I rolled my eyes so hard at the part where the OP whined about how “it was like he has no care for the fact that I don’t wear those colors at all.” Yeahhhh your brother is not planning HIS wedding around YOU. Get over yourself.”

The majority of people thought that she was in the wrong but there were a few who didn’t see the issue with her wearing the black dress.

One wrote: “Really? Wearing a black cocktail dress to an evening wedding is pretty normal in my experience in the US (I live in the south).”

Another said: “It is not rude to wear black to a wedding.”

Most people agreed she should have worn something else


Most people agreed she should have worn something elseCredit: Getty

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