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Mum shows off her ‘favourite child’ & asks others to do the same sparking fierce backlash

A MUM has sparked fierce backlash after hinting that she has a “favourite child” – and encouraging others to do the same.

Earlier this week, the mum of three shared a video of herself with her youngest son.

The mum was blasted after hinting at her favourite child on TikTok


The mum was blasted after hinting at her favourite child on TikTokCredit: TikTok

“Tell me you have a favorite child without telling me you have a favorite child,” she wrote in the on-screen caption.

“I’m not gonna go first because I definitely don’t have a favourite child at the moment,” she says while zooming in on her son. “Out of the three kids I have, I don’t have a favourite…”

The little boy jumps in with a super cute, “I love you mama” to which the mum gushes and relies, “I love you baby!”

The mum has since defended her video claiming that she was 'joking'


The mum has since defended her video claiming that she was ‘joking’Credit: TikTok

“I definitely don’t have a favourite,” she repeats to the camera.

She later defended her video, writing “Joking, of course” in the caption on TikTok, but her followers were unconvinced.

The mum-of-three, who loves “Jesus, Chick-fil-A and havin’ fun” according to her TikTok profile, certainly created a storm among other users.

“This is wrong on so many levels,” commented one person, “whether is a joke or not that kid now knows he’s the favourite and will have that in his head.. the rest will hate him.”

Even as a joke this is messed up

Another said, “Even as a joke this is messed up.”

“This don’t sit right with me,” added another.

Some could see the funny side though, with one mum admitting, “My favourite child is whichever one speaks to me less.”

The negative responses, however, outweighed the positive, leading to a follow-up video where she explained her reasoning.

The mum captioned the latest video with, “Heaven forbid they all think they’re the fave.. chill y’all!”

“Some of you all are a little sensitive. I’m going to help you out,” she says in the video before asking her other son who’s her favourite.

He answers saying that he is her favourite, then performs a belly dance when she asks why.

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“You are my favourite belly dancer, that’s for sure,” she says before heading into the bedroom where her other two kids are playing.

She asked her daughter the same question, and she confidently answers that she is in fact, her mum’s favourite, but the son pipes up in disagreement, adding that he knows he’s the number one kid.

“So chill… laugh a little more,” the mum concludes after highlighting that each of her three children believe they’re her favourite.

This article was originally published on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.

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