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Mum reveals how she made a week’s worth of meals for just £1 each & it saves loads of time too

A MUM has revealed how she made a week’s worth of meals for just £1 each – and has been described as a “freaking genius.”

The Aussie shared the way she prepares her family’s breakfasts for the week in advance and it costs only $1.90 (£1) a portion.

Mum Ellenore Rollason revealed how she batch cooks a week's worth of breakfast muffins


Mum Ellenore Rollason revealed how she batch cooks a week’s worth of breakfast muffinsCredit: foodie.ellenore/Tiktok

In a video that’s been viewed more than 174,000 times, mum-of-three Ellenore Rollason @foodie.ellenore showed how she made her version of McDonald’s egg McMuffins, which had the added bonus of being much healthier than the fast food version.

“Let me show you how I meal prep breakfast for the entire family for the week for only a $1.90 each and less than 265 calories per serve,” she starts the video.

Ellenore first poured a carton of egg whites into an oven tray, seasoning the egg mixture with salt and Italian herbs.

After the egg whites were fully cooked she sliced the mixture up and placed a wedge in an English muffin.

The muffins cost her just £1 each to produce


The muffins cost her just £1 each to produceCredit: foodie.ellenore/Tiktok

Ellenore added sugar-free barbecue sauce, off the bone ham and a slice of light tasty cheese to the muffins.

She wrapped each prepared muffin in foil and stored in the freezer, popping them in the air fryer for breakfast.

“Really really simple, just chuck the frozen (muffin) — unwrapped of course — on a plate in the microwave next to a cup of water,” Ellenore explained in a follow-up video.

“Microwave for a minute, flip it another minute. Pop it in the air fryer at 180 degrees flipping it halfway and that’s it. You can even sandwich press it or pop it in the oven as well.”

She pops each muffin in the air fryer to get them perfectly crisp


She pops each muffin in the air fryer to get them perfectly crispCredit: foodie.ellenore/Tiktok
Each muffin contains just 264 calories


Each muffin contains just 264 caloriesCredit: foodie.ellenore/Tiktok

Ellenore added in the comments that she would made a week’s worth in one batch “so they are easily accessible” for her family.

Each muffin had around 23 grams of protein, seven grams of fat and 264 calories, she said.

The video of Ellenore’s breakfast meal prep got hundreds of comments from people eager to try it out — with some saying it had “convinced” them to buy an air fryer.

“I just shared this with all my friends with kids! Great idea,” one person wrote.

Her method has been described as "freaking genius"


Her method has been described as “freaking genius”Credit: foodie.ellenore/Tiktok

“Pretty sure you just became my new god,” another commenter joked.

“OMG the air fryer … that’s freaking genius,” one person wrote.

“I am making these tomorrow and you just me on an air fryer,” another remarked.

“I’ve been thinking of buying one I think you have just convinced me,” one person wrote.

This article was originally published on and has been republished here with permission.

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