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Mum in hysterics at ‘sweet note’ her son left his dad

A MUM was in stitches after seeing a “sweet note” her son left for his dad – he accuses his father of trying to kill him, and says “this is a warning”.

The boy wrote the hilarious and extremely dramatic letter after his dad turned off the fan in his bedroom without his permission.

Mum Angie posted the hilarious note on Tiktok


Mum Angie posted the hilarious note on TiktokCredit: TikTok/ @sarah_jade_

Tiktok user and mum Angie shared the note with her followers and said: “It’s going to be a long summer.”

Angie’s son wrote: “Dad why did you unplug my fan? Besides it’s hot in my room.”

Things quickly took a turn for the dramatic, however.

The next lines read: “Do you want me to suffocate? Do you want me to get heatstroke? Do you want your own first born son to die?”

Commenters thought the note was hysterical


Commenters thought the note was hystericalCredit: TikTok/ @sarah_jade_

He then let his father know in no uncertain terms how seriously he took the situation, as he listed things that “can kill children”.

He wrote: “1) Sun. 2) Too much heat. 3) Not watching kids.”

He finished the hilarious letter with a clear message.

“Dad this is a warning to you”, he summarised. 

The video has racked up over 300,000 views, and commenters think the letter is hysterical.

Angie joked it would be a 'long summer' with these antics going on


Angie joked it would be a ‘long summer’ with these antics going onCredit: TikTok/ @sarah_jade_

Many joined in with Angie’s son, sarcastically stressing the importance of his bedroom fan. 

“Geez dad, get it together”, joked one commenter, while another wrote: “Well????? Do you want him to suffocate or not???”

A third agreed: “How dare you allow your husband to unplug his fan! I mean he is his first born son! Only unplug the second or third born!”

One amused viewer said: “This is absolutely the best video EVER! Get that child a ceiling fan!”

“I can’t stop reading this”, enthused another viewer.

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