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Morrisons slashes the price of Easter eggs to 75p

MORRISONS has slashed the price of Easter eggs to just 75p for today and over the weekend.

Some of the eggs originally cost £1.50, meaning they’ve been reduced in price by 50%.

Here are some of the eggs you'll find reduced in Morrisons stores


Here are some of the eggs you’ll find reduced in Morrisons stores

Easter eggs that have been discounted include Cadbury Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs and Cadbury Buttons.

Morrisons customers will also find Rolo, Aero Bubbles and Mars eggs for just 75p.

The discounts are available today and this Saturday and Sunday – they’ll then go back up in price from Monday.

But there is one small catch – you’ll only find the 75p price in Morrisons stores, not online.

Which Easter eggs have been reduced to 75p at Morrisons?

MORRISONS has reduced the following Easter eggs to just 75p each today and this weekend.

But remember, you’ll only find these discounts in stores, not online.

  • Cadbury Mini Egg Medium Easter Egg 130g – was £1.50, now 75p
  • Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Egg 138g – was £1.50, now 75p
  • Cadbury Chocolate Buttons Easter Egg 128g – was £1.50, now 75p
  • Mars Medium Easter Egg 141g – was £1.50, now 75p
  • Smarties Medium Easter Egg 119g – was 99p, now 75p
  • Rolo Milk Chocolate & Caramel Medium Easter Egg 128g – was 99p, now 75p
  • Maltesers Easter Egg 127g –  was 99p, now 75p
  • Aero Bubbles Easter Egg 121g – was 99p, now 75p
  • Kinnerton Paddington Egg & Bar 60g – was 99p, now 75p

Some of the eggs are all still on offer on the Morrisons website, but down to 99p rather than 75p.

This means you’ll save an additional 24p in stores on some of the chocolate.

We’ve got a full list of all the Easter eggs that have been reduced in stores in the box above. 

They’re all described as “medium” in size and range in weight from 141g for a Mars easter egg, to 60g for a Paddington Bear egg.

The maximum discount is on the eggs that have reduced from £1.50 to 75p.

Some of the eggs have been discounted from 99p to 75p – so a saving of 24p.

Elsewhere, we spotted Tesco is also selling the same size Easter eggs for 75p – but only for Clubcard holders.

Shoppers who don’t have a Clubcard will typically pay £1 for these size eggs.

Medium eggs also cost 99p or £1 from Asda.

Tesco has a new range of 28 exclusive Easter eggs including a Cadbury’s giant orange buttons one.

Over at B&M, it’s selling a boozy Baileys Easter egg that’s white chocolate, strawberries and cream flavour.

Take a look at the giant Percy Pig Marks and Spencers have released for Easter.

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