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Morrisons is selling a water slide for £8

MORRISONS is selling a water slide for £8, and it’s up to £10 cheaper than rival retailers.

The supermarket’s own Single Water Slide with Surfer Board set could be perfect for keeping the kids entertained over the summer holidays.

Morrisons is selling a water slide for £8 - and it looks like lots of fun


Morrisons is selling a water slide for £8 – and it looks like lots of fun

The slide is 485cm long and has in-built sprinklers to keep the lanes slippy – but you’ll need to connect it up to a hosepipe first.

It has an inflatable bodyboard and there’s a pad at the bottom of the slide to stop kids from sliding off the end.

However, you might want to bag one quickly, as outdoor slides are hot in demand.

One shopper spotted that a similar looking slide was being sold for even cheaper at a fiver in her local Asda store.

She posted the find onto the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, but it’s since been snatched up by eager shoppers and is out of stock online.

But the price of Morrisons’ slide is still a good deal compared to similar ones sold by other retailers.

Robert Dyas is selling one for around £18 – just over £10 more expensive. 

While Matalan is selling the same slide as Robert Dyas for £15 – but it’s still £7 more than Morrisons’ one.

How to compare prices to get the best deal

JUST because something is on offer, or is part of a sale, it doesn’t mean it’s always a good deal.

There are plenty of comparison websites out there that’ll check prices for you – so don’t be left paying more than you have to.

Most of them work by comparing the prices across hundreds of retailers.

Here are some that we recommend:

  • Google Shopping is a tool that lets users search for and compare prices for products across the web. Simply type in keywords, or a product number, to bring up search results.
  • Price Spy logs the history of how much something costs from over 3,000 different retailers, including Argos, Amazon, eBay and the supermarkets. Once you select an individual product you can quickly compare which stores have the best price and which have it in stock.
  • Idealo is another website that lets you compare prices between retailers. All shoppers need to do is search for the item they need and the website will rank them from the cheapest to the most expensive one.
  • CamelCamelCamel only works on goods being sold on Amazon. To use it, type in the URL of the product you want to check the price of.

Amazon is selling a water slide for £13, making it a fiver more expensive.

You can buy Morrisons’ slide online, but you might have to pay up to £4.50 in delivery costs for it when we checked prices online.

We’re not sure if the slide is being sold in stores, but we’ve asked Morrisons for more information and we will update this article as soon as we know more.

You can find out where your local Morrisons is – and check if the slide is being sold in store – by using the supermarket’s store locator tool on its website.

But before you splash out make sure you compare prices online elsewhere.

You might spot something similar being sold for cheaper elsewhere.

It comes as Brits have been warned about a shortage of outdoor toys and garden furniture over the summer.

Import delays due to the Suez crisis in March, coupled with the new Indian variant putting holiday plans on hold for Brits, means families are fighting for staycation essentials.

It has been reported that UK retailers are “already struggling” to meet demands for summer toys and goods.

Wilko is selling a six piece patio set for just £65 – and it’s perfect for the warmer weather.

Homebase is flogging a £300 rattan garden sofa that looks just like Aldi’s sell out one.

B&Q has also been selling a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub for £115 – which is cheaper than its normal price.

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