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Meghan Markle latest news – MASSIVE baby name clues already dropped by pregnant Duchess and Prince Harry, fans convinced


Meghan would become a princess if she loses her Duchess of Sussex title, points out a royal commentator.

Daniela Elser writes in “Any move to strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their titles following their attacks on the royal family could have a very unexpected consequence.

“Could Her Majesty wielding her dwindling influence over the wayward couple and getting them to give up their Sussex titles actually backfire and prove to be a boon for Montecito’s most controversial rate payers?

“For one thing, it would make the 95-year-old monarch look quite petty and vindictive.

“The Sussexes, in turn, could bask in a sort of PR martyrdom that would strengthen their anti-Establishment, ‘speaking truth to power’ brand.

“Even if Harry and Meghan were no longer in a position to use their Sussex titles, they still have his princely status to fall back on. He will always be Prince Henry of Wales officially and she, as his wife, has every right to style herself Princess Henry of Wales, a la the Queen’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent and his wife Princess Michael of Kent.”

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