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Meghan Markle latest LIVE – Prince Harry ‘developing American speech and sounds just like Duchess’, expert claims

PRINCE Harry is developing an American way of speaking and is starting to sound just like Meghan Markle, an expert has claimed

Jennifer Dorman, expert sociolinguist at language learning app Babbel, analysed Archewell Audio’s first podcast and claimed Harry is starting to mimic his wife’s voice.

She told Cosmopolitan: “The expression ‘You guys’ comes up, an American phrase that Harry used to address listeners in both the podcast teaser and during the podcast.

“In the premiere episode, he even uses the typically American term ‘awesome’ – something which elicits a giggle from his American wife when used.

“Harry says things like ‘love always wins’ and ‘the power within us’: two very positive, uplifting phrases which many of us would associate with the optimistic attitude of our cousins over the pond.”

Although Jennifer suggests Harry could be using these phrases to “be understood better by the American press”, she also claims his language has been influenced by how much time he is spending with his wife.


    Prince Harry appears to be adopting American slang – “mimicking his wife”, says an expert sociolinguist.

    Jennifer Dorman made the observation to Cosmopolitan after listening to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex speak on a podcast.

    She said: “The expression ‘you guys’ comes up – an American phrase that Harry used to address listeners in both the podcast teaser and during the podcast.

    “He even uses the typically American term ‘awesome’ – something which elicits a giggle from his American wife when used.

    “He may just be mimicking his wife: interacting at a close level with someone all the time can cause us to pick up their speaking habits.”


    Buckingham Palace has said it is “simply incorrect” to suggest the Queen blocked a piece of legislation in the 1970s.

    The Guardian reported that the monarch’s private lawyer had successfully lobbied the government to change a draft law to conceal her private wealth.

    But a palace spokeswoman rejected suggestions that the Monarch had intervened.

    She said: “Queen’s Consent is a parliamentary process, with the role of sovereign purely formal.

    “Consent is always granted by the monarch where requested by government.

    “Any assertion that the sovereign has blocked legislation is simply incorrect.”

    The Queen is not amused with the allegation
    The Queen is not amused with the allegation

    There is a “real danger that if progress is not made soon, Princes William and Harry’s relationship may never be the same again,” warns a relationship expert.

    “That would be such a shame for two brothers, who clearly deep-down love each other, to end up permanently distant from one another,” said Tina Wilson.

    She also told The Sun: “They should also be encouraging their children to be close cousins and not grow up without knowing one another.

    “William was Harry’s ‘wing man’ growing up, and they will want the same for the cousins too.”


    “As the pandemic forces us to reevaluate what is important in life, and cherish those that we love, I am sure it won’t be too long before the brothers reunite,” continues Tina Wilson.

    “Transatlantic relationships are challenging at the best of times.

    “But I would hope that when the dust settles, Prince Harry, for the sake of the Monarch, needs to make the effort to unite,” the Wingman app founder added.


    The allegedly strained relationship between Princes William and Harry will eventually change for the better, reckons relationship expert Tina Wilson.

    “Are Harry and Meghan wrong for wishing to carve out their own path?

    “I don’t know – I’m sure like any family, the Royal family has its fair share of complications.

    “And whilst we may not always like our family, we love them and that love will see them back together when the time is right,” she told The Sun.


    Prince William is the “epitome of a Royal”, continues relationship expert Tina Wilson.

    She told The Sun that “with his loyal and devout character, it would be completely foreign to him to up sticks and leave his responsibilities.

    “I would imagine William feels betrayed that his brother does not wish to be by his side when he eventually becomes King, such are his family values.”

    Prince William is the 'epitome of Royal' says an expert
    Prince William is the ‘epitome of Royal’ says an expert

    While “Meghan gets a lot of the blame for the brotherly divide between Princes William and Harry, the boys are grown up and will undoubtedly come together when the time is right,” says a relationship expert.

    Tina Wilson, founder of Wingman app, told The Sun Online: “It has been recently reported that Harry had wished to break free from the Royal Family for some time – let’s face it, he’s always been a bit of a cheeky terror.

    “So whilst we can demonise Meghan, perhaps it is the push he needed to make it happen and step into a new life, leaving behind his royal responsibilities. 

    “This, I suspect, is the real root of the deep tensions between the brothers.”


    This year “is a critical year for Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship,” says Tina Wilson, a leading relationship expert.

    She told The Sun Online: “2020 was a turbulent year for the Royal family, as well as, worldwide events making for an easy distraction for not healing their tensions.

    “That being said, it has given them space to let things cool down which can only be a good thing.”


    Meghan Markle is predicted to make “a pregnancy announcement” in 2021, predicts

    Its psychics add: “Meghan will spearhead a very high-profile campaign for woman’s rights, especially focusing on domestic violence and abuse.

    “The couple will also focus more on mental health awareness and Meghan may very well take up the post of a regular columnist to a high-profile publication.

    “2021 is a time for new beginnings for the young Royals and many will be surprised at how powerful they’ll be in changing and empowering the lives of others.”

  • PSYCHIC WORLD PREDICTS EMPOWERING OF MEGHAN has predicted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will “grow from strength to strength in 2021”.

    “Meghan may bring out a range of children’s books that will be empowering in their format,” the website adds.

    In 2019, The Sun suggested that Meghan was in the throes of writing her first book.

    She was said back then to be considering possible options, with the favourite being a children’s book focusing on her love of animals, including her dogs.

    If, as predicted by Psychic World, this does happen, it would seem likely any profits would be donated to charity.

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