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McDonald’s is adding two iced frappe drinks to its menu for summer

SUMMER is finally here and what better way to cool off than an iced frappe drink from McDonald’s.

Fast food fans can get their tongues round not just one, but two tasty new flavours to get through the heatwave.

McDonald's has added more iced drinks to its menu just in time for the heatwave


McDonald’s has added more iced drinks to its menu just in time for the heatwaveCredit: Alamy

The latest addition to McDonald’s menu is the mint choc chip iced frappe and raspberry ripple iced cooler.

It’s a return to the menu for the raspberry ripple cooler, which is a fan favourite that’s been available in previous years.

The mint choc chip iced frappe is a new offering from McDonalds, combining mint and chocolate flavours and comes with cream and a swirl of chocolate on top,

It comes in medium, priced at £2.49, or large which costs £2.79, although prices can vary depending on where you are.

Maccies new drinks line up will be available throughout the summer


Maccies new drinks line up will be available throughout the summer

Meanwhile, the raspberry ripple iced cooler comes with raspberry flavour through the drink and drizzled on top.

Available in medium and large sizes too, the treat costs £1.99 and £2.29 respectively.

Both new drinks join two other iced beverages on the Maccies menu – the frozen strawberry lemonade and the caramel frappe.

The caramel iced frappe is made of coffee blended with ice, and then topped with creamy caramel sauce.

The iced coffee will set you back £2.29 for a medium or £2.61 for a large, but again prices can vary at your local branch.

McDonald’s frozen strawberry lemonade, which has zingy lemon and sweet strawberry flavours, costs £2.09 for a medium and £2.41 for a large.

But the iced lemonade and caramel frappe are not available in all restaurants, so it’s worth checking ahead.

You can order the new and existing iced drinks from your nearest McDonald’s restaurant, which can be found using the free locator tool.

If you’re buying any of these items through delivery apps, don’t forget that you’ll pay fees on top.

Both the choc mint and raspberry ripple beverages are on the menu until September 7.

Also fresh to the menu line-up is the McSpicy burger – and it looks just like a KFC Zinger burger.

But some fast food fans have been left disappointed by its “mild” flavour.

The chain has also brought back mozzarella dippers and the Aero McFlurry in two flavours – chocolate and mint.

Over at Burger King you can get FROZEN Fanta and Coca Cola.

McDonald’s fan makes Percy Pig McFlurries and rates it a 10

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