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Line of Duty latest – Stars Martin Compston and Vicky McClure celebrate joint birthday as they IGNORE finale fan fury


Season six of Line of Duty focused on the investigation of the murder of a journalist named Gail Vella. But it soon turned into a man-hunt for the fourth man, a theory set up in season five.

The fifth series finale left us reeling as it was revealed there were FOUR top corrupt coppers – Gill Biggeloe, ACC Hilton and DI “Dot” Cottan, with the final member remaining at large.

The latest series heavily featured guest lead Joanne Davidson, who had been described by producers as AC-12’s “most enigmatic adversary yet”. She headed up the MIT, which was responsible for the Gail Vella investigation.

But it transpired she was the least of AC-12’s worries. Although it was revealed that while Jo was the daughter of Tommy Hunter, it was not her leaking information to the OCG.

The final episode saw Jo enters Witness Protection. Meanwhile, Steve was seen struggling with a prescription med addiction, and in the finale finally went to occupational health.

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