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Lie With Me fans shocked as Charlie Brooks’ Anna kills cheating husband Jake and frames Becky

LIE With Me viewers were left open-mouthed as Charlie Brooks’ Anna finally got her revenge on her cheating husband in epic finale.

Fans followed the twists and turns in the Channel 5 thriller Lie With Me’s last episode on Thursday.

Lie With Me concluded with Anna getting revenge on her cheating husband


Lie With Me concluded with Anna getting revenge on her cheating husbandCredit: Channel 5

The drama was centred around the lives of Anna (Charlie Brooks) and her husband Jake (Brett Tucker) who have three kids but whose marriage was on the rocks.

After he had an affair, Anna wanted to give their marriage another go so they decided a fresh start was needed and moved to Australia.

But their nanny Becky (Phoebe Roberts) arrives on the scene and Anna becomes suspicious of her having an affair with her husband.

In the series finale, we see Becky and Jake agree to get married and run away together – but Anna has other ideas and soon gets her revenge.

Anna goes head to head with Becky


Anna goes head to head with BeckyCredit: Channel 5

Half way through the episode, viewers see Jake in a body bag – but how did he get there?

The police question both Becky and Anna, and Anna plays the victim.

She says she doesn’t know about her husband’s affair with Becky or his abusive behaviour.

Meanwhile, Becky gets questioned why her jewellery was found on the murder scene, which was planted by Anna.

Anna frames Becky for Jake's murder


Anna frames Becky for Jake’s murderCredit: Channel 5

Becky tells the police that Anna had set her up, but they are not convinced and Becky is sent to prison.

In prison, Anna tells Becky that they were both free of Jake now and prison is better than marrying him.

The last scenes show Anna drugging Becky and Jake’s drinks and throwing Jake in the pool along with Becky’s bracelet.

Fans were shook by Anna’s actions as she gets away with murder.

Anna confronts Becky in prison


Anna confronts Becky in prisonCredit: Channel 5

One viewer said: “Well that was excellent stuff Jake deserved to die, Becky shouldn’t have messed around with a married man & Anna badass getting away with murder.”

A second wrote: “Very well played Anna! Becky messed with the wrong b****!”

Another penned: “Yes, the final episode didn’t disappoint at all. LieWithMe.”

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