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Lidl is selling a neck support pillow for the bargain price of £9.99

NECK support pillows are fantastic for a good night’s sleep but often they can be quite expensive.

Fortunately Lidl is to the rescue with a Meradiso Silverplus Neck Support Pillow for the bargain price of just £9.99.

Lidl's memory foam pillow, comes at a bargain price


Lidl’s memory foam pillow, comes at a bargain price

The pillow is available in Lidl stores from tomorrow as part of the discounter’s Middle of Lidl promotion.

It is contoured – to help promote a healthy sleep position and the climate control panel allows for air circulation as well as temperature and moisture balancing.

Lidl says the visco-elastic memory foam moulds itself to body contours like a second skin.

Meanwhile, the removable, quilted cover is made from lightweight, cosy microfibre and can be machine washed at 60C.

We’ve looked online and we can’t find the same pillow online anywhere cheaper.

In fact, the exact same pillow is selling for £19.99 on eBay, £33 on and £35 on – so if you want that one you’re definitely better off heading to Lidl.

We couldn’t even find similar pillows that matched Lidl’s Bargain price.

One of the cheapest we could find direct from a retailer was a Butterfly Contour pillow from that costs £13.49.

Ebay has lots of bargain pillows including a Silent Night contour pillow for £8.99, which was the best deal we could find.

Amazon has a popular pillow available online, but it costs £20 which is double the cost of the Lidl one – and it’s currently out of stock.

Some pillows are substantially more expensive. For instance John Lewis is selling a contour neck support pillow for £45.

To buy the Lidl pillow, you’ll need to head to your nearest store. There are more than 800 in the UK and you can find your local using the shop locator tool.

The Middle of Lidl promotion, which starts tomorrow, also has other bedroom essentials including a SilentNight weighted blanket for £39.99, pyjamas, bedsheets and even a dimmer lamp.

You can see some of the products that will be in shops on the Lidl website.

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