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Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville reckons the defender could be identified as a potential weak link due to his height and ability in the air.

He said: “I said before the game that nobody is going to remember at the end of the season how many good passes Ben White has made. And you know when we say he’s good on the ball, that was something we used to say 15 years ago when a centre-back was good on the ball.

“I actually think most centre-backs now, in top six clubs, are competent on the ball. They get it out their feet, play good passes, they can play diagonal switches.

“Harry Maguire is good on the ball, John Stones is good on the ball, Virgil van Dijk is good on the ball. They’re all good on the ball. Thiago Silva at Chelsea is good on the ball.

“So we’ve got to stop saying he’s good on the ball because every centre-back in the top-six is. The difference will be whether he defend his goal. Can he make a difference to this Arsenal team?

“And it’s too early. We’re talking about tonight but lets be clear, those Ivan Toney clips, those five or six clips where he’s got nudged around, that’s going to be the pre-match analysis of everyone who is going to play Arsenal.

“If you’re playing Arsenal next week, you’ll be thinking, ‘We’ll stick it on him, we’ll put it up against him, we’ll put our big man on him on set-pieces’, and he will be a target.

“He’s got a £50m price tag and he’ll have to come through those early months of pressure and expectation and people like us talking about him.

“That’s what happens. This is not an attack on Ben White, it’s just a reality club that he’s at a club where he’s going to be judged differently than he was last season at Brighton.”

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