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Jackie Weaver tells Piers Morgan ‘I had the authority’ as GMB host impersonates Handforth Parish Council’s ‘bully boys’

PIERS Morgan met his match on Good Morning Britain today as he went head to head with Handforth Parish Council’s Jackie Weaver.

The host kicked off his interview with the meeting clerk who went viral when footage of a parish council meeting descended into chaos as councillors traded insults and threw each other out of the online call.

Piers Morgan did his best impression of the 'bully boy' councillors


Piers Morgan did his best impression of the ‘bully boy’ councillorsCredit: refer to caption.

Today, Piers imitated the so-called “bully boy” councillors who lashed out at her on a video call – as Jackie insisted she still believes she DOES have authority.

After playing the viral clip, Piers said: “It brought very fond memories if me being a cub reporter on the Streatham and Tooting News and Wimbledon News.

“It was very comical. They basically all want to be Prime Minister, that’s why they get into it.

“They get very bossy and it all exploded on zoom. It reminded me of the Morgan family Zooms, they do get a bit like that.

Jackie Weaver appeared on Good Morning Britain today


Jackie Weaver appeared on Good Morning Britain todayCredit: refer to caption.

“‘Who has the authority here? I do, obviously.'”

He was impersonating vice-chairman Aled Brewerton who was heard yelling at her to “read the standing orders”. 

The lively meeting also saw chairman Brian Tolver tells Jackie, who works as chief officer for the Cheshire Association of Local Councils, to “stop talking” and sneers “you have no authority here”. 

He was then kicked out the online meeting by Jackie, 62.

Defending her position on GMB today, Jackie said: “Both sides are going to argue that they’re right, but I am still of the opinion I was correct because of the way the meeting was called.

Vice-chairman Aled Brewerton got angry during the meeting


Vice-chairman Aled Brewerton got angry during the meetingCredit: Zoom
Chairman Brian Tolver shouted at Jackie


Chairman Brian Tolver shouted at Jackie

“I have always been very clear who had authority in that meeting… me.”

She added: “It wasn’t a full council, it was an emergency meeting called by two councillors and as the chair points out the meeting hadn’t even started.”

On claims she is the most famous person in the world right now, she said: “I’m not sure I am personally I think I come second to Julie’s iPad.”

She joked she’d had the standing orders tattooed on a place I would not necessarily like to share with you all.”

Jackie also revealed troll wanted her “locked in a burning building and not let out” after the video went viral.

She said: “I’ve had so many comments, most positive, but I share your concern about social media when a few said things like ‘I want to lock you in a burning building and not let out.”

Horrified Susanna said: “Are you serious? Sorry did you receive that as message on social media?”

Jackie has received death threats


Jackie has received death threatsCredit: ITV

Piers went on to grill Jackie on her personal life and said he it sent “shivers up his spine” as she talked about her husband.

“I have a lovely husband,” she assured him.

“We have an interesting relationship. From the outside it certainly looks like I have all the authority.

“But actually, I think probably Stewart does.”

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