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iPhone weather app ‘WON’T show number 69’ and fans think Apple fears sex joke

APPLE’S weather app reportedly won’t show when it’s 69 degrees and some people have joked it’s due to the number’s sexual connotations.

The number 69 is often the butt of many jokes on the internet as it features in the name of a well-known sex position.

The Apple Weather app has been accused of not being entirely accurate


The Apple Weather app has been accused of not being entirely accurateCredit: Alamy

According to The Verge, Apple’s source data from always shows the correct temperature.

However, if is saying 69 degrees Fahrenheit, some people claim Apple Weather will say 70 degrees.

The Verge says that several other less laughable numbers are also missed out by Apple Weather.

This is said to include the numbers 65 and 71.

Bemused tech fans have taken to Twitter to come up with a theory.

Twitter user @theMarcDufresne said: “Most likely a rounding error, going from C to F, 20C is 68F, 21C is 69.8F.

“If that’s the cause you should not be seeing 65, 67, 71, 74 either for example.”

Older iOS software has been showing 69 degrees as well as the beta version of iOS 15.

The Verge and a few Twitter users claim the problem lies with iOS 14.6.

We reached out to Apple for comment.

It responded by sending us the following screenshot from Twitter which shows -69 degrees being displayed on the Weather app.

Apple doesn't seem to think there is an issue


Apple doesn’t seem to think there is an issueCredit: Twitter
Apple announces new features on products

In other news, Microsoft has released fixes for at least 116 Windows security flaws and users are advised to update immediately.

Nine apps have had to be removed from the Google Play Store after they were caught stealing Facebook passwords.

And, if you have an iPhone that’s older than the iPhone X you’ll miss out on some of the new iOS 15 features.

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